Is Green tea really healthy?

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The Chinese have known for centuries the wonderful properties of green tea. Check how much health you can gain by changing your habits a little bit.

Green tea origin

The cradle of green tea is China, where it is drunk in large quantities every day. When it appeared in Europe, it was mainly available in pharmacies as a medicine against flatulence and stomach upset. However, this drink has many more beneficial properties. Here are some of them!

Green tea benefits

Green tea benefits - infographic
Green tea benefits - infographic

Gently cleanses the body and reduces free radicals

Green tea extract is the richest source of polyphenols which absolutely sweeps toxic free radicals.

Heart and circulatory support

An infusion of green leaves gently stimulates heart function and blood circulation increases the permeability of blood vessel walls. There are indications that polyphenols inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from food.

Mind clarity

Green tea, unlike coffee, stimulates the body gently and gives a long-lasting effect. What is important is that it does not have an irritating effect - on the contrary, it relaxes. The theine contained in green tea leaves brightens the mind, improves concentration and supports memory.

Helps to slim down your body

The fight against unnecessary kilograms should be supported by drinking green tea, which not only fights against adipose tissue but also provides the body with essential vitamins and microelements. How exactly does this happen? The polyphenols contained in tea improve thermogenesis and thus the calorie-burning rate. It is recommended to drink about four cups a day.

Positive effect on the digestive system

Drinking green tea removes the feeling of an overfilled stomach and regulates digestive processes. The infusion from this tea stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and thus promotes digestion. Moreover, it prevents acidification of the body and corrects our dietary sins, e.g. excessive consumption of sweets or fast food.

Fights minor infections

Ingredients contained in green tea such as vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, K) carotene and microelements (fluorine, calcium, potassium, iron) inhibit the infection and multiplication of bacteria. Thanks to such properties, it not only prevents but also cures such diseases as flu, cold, diarrhoea or mucosal inflammation. Additionally, it strengthens immunity.

Downsides of drinking green tea

Drinking green tea is very beneficial, but the downside is the tart taste of tea for some. However, it is often the result of incompetent leaf-breaking.

How do we make green tea?

Pour a flat teaspoon of leaves into the teapot and pour it over with water at 75-85 degrees C . Tea should not be made longer than 3 minutes. Pour out the first brewing! If you don't do this, instead of drinking a cup of health, drink all the harmful ingredients produced during the production of this tea and the toxic substances released at the beginning of brewing.

Tea leaves can be brewed several times - up to six times. The length of brewing influences the taste of the tea, so it is worth following the recommendations.


Green tea is certainly very healthy. However, drinking green tea alone will not work miracles, because many other factors such as nutrition, lifestyle and stimulants influence the condition of our body. Yet, the advantages of drinking this tea are invaluable.

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