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Krav Maga – a way of self-defense

Krav Maga in Hebrew means fighting in a hand. It is currently one of the most popular defense systems. There are more and more schools that teach her. The motto of the system is the sentence of its founder that everyone can live in peace. Krav maga, or self-defense system - what is it characterized by? What are the effects of such training? Check more about this system.  

Krav maga - a self-defense system  

The creator of the Krav Maga system was Imi Lichtenfeld, born in 1910 in Budapest. The boy came from a family with sporting traditions. So he was successful in boxing, athletics and wrestling. Due to the situation prevailing at that time, he often had to use his skills in self-defense and the defense of other people of the same origin. In 1940 he fled to Palestine. He was quickly incorporated into Hagana, a military organization formed during the creation of the Israeli state. There he gradually put his knowledge and skills into the system. After retiring, he opened the Krav maga school. In this way, today we have the opportunity to learn one of the best self-defense systems.

Krav Maga rules  

There are 4 main principles in Krav Maga.

Avoid dangerous places and situations  

Of course, this applies to avoid situations in which we are exposed to danger. Thanks to this, we will not be forced to fight and use our skills. More importantly, our health will not be endangered. People practicing martial arts are much better able to assess their surroundings and the threats waiting in it. This allows them to simply avoid them - and this is the best way to self-defense.

When you find yourself in a dangerous place or situation - leave as quickly as possible

Another important thing is to get away from the place where we are at risk, if possible. Staying there too long increases the risk of injury. Often we will also meet with a situation where the best defense will be simply an escape - the best example is the numerical advantage of the attackers.

Use items that you have on hand to defend, so-called improvised weapon.  

For self-defense, virtually any tool can be used. Normal stone, a piece of wood or a string may be the weapon we need to defend. Krav Maga teaches how to use the so-called improvised weapons for self-defense. The object of science is also the defense against this type of tools.

Fight - use your body to defend in the maximum way.  

The human body is a great tool that should be learned to use skillfully. Thanks to Krav Maga's science, we will be able to defend against a much larger opponent. We will know where and how to strike so that they are as effective as possible and allow us to safely move away.

Krav Maga effects  

The basic effect of Krav Maga is increased physical fitness and greater mental peace. Anyone who can defend himself and have this awareness feels more confident. Confidence in today's world is essential. It is thanks to her that unrealistic things can be achieved for people who do not believe in themselves.

Thanks to training, not only the psyche changes, but also the approach to many issues and the body of the exerciser.

Trainings can be difficult and demanding. It causes that we burn body fat, build strength and we become definitely more efficient.

For those training in the gym it will definitely be a huge plus because they will be able to improve their fitness.

Who is Krav Maga for?  

Krav Maga is not and will never be a martial art. There is no emphasis on smoothness and beauty of movements. Emphasis is placed on efficiency and effectiveness. Anyone who wants to learn to defend can take up practicing. And here comes the next issue - Krav Maga is a defense system, it is not intended to attack. Of course, this applies to the civilian version, which can be learned in the Krav Maga schools available today.

Training of Krav Maga  

Krav Maga training - advantages  

The huge advantage of Krav Maga training is that everyone can attend it. It is based on intuitive behavior. In other words, it's based on natural reflexes. Of course, you need to learn certain defense patterns, as in any system. It learns relatively fast and quickly to the intermediate level. Krav Maga is a defense system, not a fight - thanks to this, it primarily focuses on effectiveness. Krav Maga teaches how to assess threats and analytical thinking in terms of defense.

Krav Maga training - disadvantages  

Many techniques can not be done without having a strong grip, or just physical strength. However, there are alternatives that can be used here. At higher levels of advancement, not everyone will be able to master further elements of learning.

Krav maga, or self-defense system  

The Krav Maga self-defense system is intended for civilians who want to learn to take care of their safety. The beginnings are relatively simple and pleasant. Learning how to defend yourself against a stick or a knife in today's world can be very useful. Applying the most important Krav Maga rules can often save someone's life. It is worth getting acquainted with this system and see how it differs from the martial arts known among others from rings and movies.


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