Kre-Alkalyn – greater strength and endurance

Kre alkalin is a buffered creatine monohydrate which is a patented keratin formula that allows you to get the maximum benefit from taking creatine, without fear of converting it to an inactive form, i.e. creatinine.

It is a very good supplement used by athletes, enjoying great popularity, mainly because it does not retain water in intercellular spaces and muscle cells, and does not affect the digestive system. Kre alkalin is easily absorbed, stored longer, and more effectively it will be converted into active phosphocreatine.

The action of Kre alkaline

The use of Kre alkaloid contributes significantly to increasing exercise capacity. Thanks to taking such a supplement, the training person has greater strength and endurance, and also has the opportunity to gain faster and more effective growth of lean muscle mass. What'smore, Kre alkalin contributes to the regeneration of muscles after exercise, so that this time is maximally shortened.

    Dosage Kre alkaline

    Kre alkynyn can be used both in the form of capsules, which are chosen most often, less often in the form of powders, which are less comfortable in taking. Often, and Kre alkynyn is one of the ingredients in keratin nutrients. In sports it is recommended to use 2.5-5 g per day depending on the weight of the trainer and the intensity of the exercise, but in most cases, athletes use slightly higher doses. The period of taking this supplement is 4-8 weeks. As far as visible effects are concerned, in some of them they are noticeable earlier, especially when we talk about people with lower body mass, others later, especially when men weighing more than 100 kilograms are involved.

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