L-arginine – supports weight loss

It seems that L-arginine may offer both men and women much more than only the „muscle pomp” generated during the training.
In the study published around 2 weeks ago it was proven that dosing 3g L-arginine 3 times a day to obese women without diabetes (age between 18 to 40, BMI 30-40 kg/m2, waist size more than 89 cm) for 12 months with the recommendation of modifying their lifestyles enabled them to lose weight from 98.6 ± 19.7 kg to 95.7 ± 18.6 kg and reduce waist circumference from 115.6 ± 12,7 cm to 109.2 ± 11,7 cm. It thus has been concluded that L-arginine may support body mass reduction, including health threatening abdominal obesity.

    How does it relate to physically active people?

    3 kg in 3 months is quite a good score for a “usual” amino acid. Its notes seem even better, when we look at the reduced waist circumference – around 6.5 cm. Even though they were recommended to modify their lifestyles, we do not know for sure if they did it. The rats in the research carried out before lost weight, obese women became slimmer, now it is time for really active people and their effects…

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