Laxogenin – natural steroid?


Laxogenin is a compound of plant origin, exactly called 5-alpha-hydroxylaxogenine. It belongs to the group of brassinosteroids. The main task fulfilled by laxogenin is to support lipolysis and acting as a strong anabolic agent. Although little known today, it is enjoying ever-increasing popularity, it has very similar properties to anabolic-androgenic agents, but is much safer, and thus does not affect the hormonal balance and does not burden the body nor HPTA.

How does laxogenin work?

Laxogenin accelerates the process of muscle protein biosynthesis. In the result, strength and endurance are also increased. The figure begins to sculpt, the muscles are getting bigger, and the amount of body fat is reduced. Its use allows you to maintain a proper diet in terms of a calorie surplus because it increases the feeling of hunger. What is more, according to some sources, laxogenin reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that too high level results in poorer results in achieving training goals. Maintaining it at the right level has a significant impact on building muscle mass.

It affects the reduction of fatigue, greater motivation to exercise, better results and at the same time little to no negative effects on the organism. It has also a positive effect on healthy joints.

Its usages are wide and extremely helpful, especially for trainees. It increases the blood supply to the muscles, reduces inflammation, reduces pain and accelerates post-workout regeneration. One product and it has a very wide range of applications, isn’t it?

Dosage of laxogenin

The amount of the dose is dependent on the product you buy, so you shouldn’t take the product on your own demise, but follow the instructions provided. A too-small amount will not significantly affect your body, while the excessive amounts can cause undesired side effects.

Who should use laxogenin?

Laxogenin is a supplement that can be used by nearly every training person, who wants to increase muscle mass, reduce adipose tissue, and improve their endurance. It's an excellent replacement for anabolic and androgenic steroids because it doesn’t affect hormonal balance in the long term.


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