Mass gainers- uncessesary supplement, or proper support of muscle mass gains?


Gainers are often used by beginners who are building muscle mass. However, the calorific value of these nutrients often means that more fat appears instead of the muscles. Is it worth using it in supplementation? What kind of gainer should the less experienced gym players choose at the beginning? Is it for everyone? What should you pay attention to when choosing this supplement? More article.  

Gainer and the beginner's diet at the gym

At the beginning it is worth explaining what is the gainer, so often recommended for building muscle mass.

It's a nutrient that contains mainly carbohydrates with a varied glycemic index, and about 20% is a protein. In some products we can also find a small admixture of fat - so the gainer is a high energy product. Although it appears in many nutrient sets, the beginner's gainer is not a compulsory item at all.

Its use depends primarily on the body building the exerciser, the intensity of training and the diet used.  Gainer at the beginning of training can be useful primarily for typical ectomorphic who have problems with weight gain.

Gainer - advantages

What are the advantages of a gainer in supplementation? That's for sure

  • the ability to quickly deliver calories before and after training
  • used before training adds energy and slows fatigue
  • used after training will help rebuild glycogen and regenerate muscles
  • supplementing the menu, in which we can not include the amount of carbohydrates necessary for muscle growth
  • gainer allows you to take on weight (especially important for ectomorhpics)
  • providing varied carbohydrates
  • substitute / supplement for the preparation of meals during the day

Gainer - disadvantages

What are the drawbacks of using a gainer? Among the negative effects can be mentioned, i.e.

  • can lead to uncontrolled fat gain
  • if there are wheat proteins in the product, it can lead to problems on the part of the digestive system (related to excessive gluten)
  • deterioration of acne skin associated with a large supply of carbohydrates
The best time to consider taking gainer supplement is about half a hour after training. It should improve your regeneration!
The best time to consider taking gainer supplement is about half a hour after training. It should improve your regeneration!

Gainer and effects

If you are just starting to exercise at the gym and you want to use a gainer, you can predict its potential effects based on the body structure. What effects can gainer gain in supplementation?

In people over 20% of body fat, which is easy to gain weight, it will increase fat gain - most often around the waist. In this case, it is not a recommended supplement.

In people with adipose tissue at the level of 10 - 15%, the gainer may have its justifiable use. If you eat large amounts of calories and do not put on weight - gainer will provide you with a solid, positive caloric balance. After supplementing the meals with an additional amount of protein, it is an excellent source of macro elements necessary to develop muscle mass.

Gainer is also used in people with many years of training experience who are not able to cover the caloric demand with the help of traditional meals.

Which gainer to choose?

If you start training aimed at gaining muscle mass and you have big problems with gaining weight, it's time to think about what gainer to choose. Before you get acquainted with the list based on the price, try to choose a gainer that

  • it will contain as much protein as possible
  • the composition will contain animal protein, not vegetable one. It absorbs weakly and contains gluten
  • check if the composition contains amino acids, i.e. isoleucine, leucine, valine, tryptophan and others - the more the better
  • products based on corn and wheat starch are desirable. They are characterized by a relatively low glycemic index and do not cause rapid spikes of glucose in the blood
  • has additional supporting substances, e.g. vitamins and minerals, beta-alanine, creatine, arginine

Although usually the quality of the product increases with its price, it is not the rule. After analyzing the composition, you can choose a range of products that you will consider purchasing. Then it is worth to read the opinions of users on the subject of solubility, taste, as well as the work of the digestive system after the use of gainer.

With which gainer to start with?  

Due to the specificity of nutrients, the beginner's gainer is not a mandatory nutrient. Even people with difficult weight gain should use it with extreme caution, because it provides a good dose of energy in a small portion. Before you reach for the gainer, make sure that you are not able to cover your calorie needs with traditional meals. Diet - not supplementation - is the basis for every practitioner!

Perhaps its use is not necessary yet. In the future, after increasing your demand, you will be able to apply the conditioner without any major concerns. Remember that you can always ask for help in the selection of older colleagues, specialists, trainers - of course, if you have any doubts. Gainer is a good supplemet for mass gain - but you have to know when and how to use it.


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