Most commonly spread myths about healthy lifestyle


Aerobic training is harmful when training to increase strength

Nothing could be further from the truth! Running does not have a negative effect on your musculature, provided that you do not intend to build massive muscles. Regular aerobic training has a very good effect on the overall endurance of the body and is also beneficial for skeletal system health. However, you must remember that just aerobic training cannot replace strength training. You have to include basic, multi-joint exercises to develop your muscles size and strength.

Running with weights increases calorie burn

While this is not a misleading statement, running with weights does not burn enough calories for there to be any serious point in doing it. Extra weights greatly increase the risk of acquiring an injury to the shoulder joint, or elbow. During endurance exercises with the extra weight, you will increase your energy expenditure, but uncontrolled movement extremely increases the risk of injury. Definitely not worth it. A far better option is to increase your speed when running. This way you will get rid of excess calories much faster and safer.

Fresh fruit is better than frozen fruit

At first glance, this statement seems to make sense. However, in the supermarket you go to, buying fresh fruit may actually be buying something that has been already stored for several days in a warehouse. During this time, the fruit can lose a lot of vitamins, and a large part of other bioactive substances can get degraded. This is where frozen fruits have an advantage because they are frozen fresh, often right after being picked. Frozen fruits are ideal for making smoothies, healthy pastries, and protein shakes. However, be careful with fruit in sugar syrups because they can be calorie bombs!

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