Old-school training

Modern strength training looks quite different than a few decades ago. Do today's methods and training techniques actually give the best results and results? Is it worth taking advantage of the achievements of gym legends and incorporate classic and proven moves into your plan? Check out 10 exercises according to the old school training at the gym, which will help in expanding the figure.

Old school training

Today's gym training differs significantly from those used by, among others Sergio Olivia, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Frank Zane. Nothing strange - the scope of awareness about, among others:

  • functioning of the human body,
  • his biomechanics and possibilities,

Even encourages the use of trainings methods and techniques according to new standards. Innovative machines and equipment at the gym as well as training models come with help. While working on the figure and building the musculature, it is worth looking at the training methods of classic bodybuilding icons.

10 exercises according to old school training at the gym  

It turns out that it pays to go back in time and use the methods of legends of body sports. Meet 10 exercises according to the old school training at the gym.


Push-ups is the flagship exercise of the old school of bodybuilding. It is also the basis of every workout - not only at the gym.

There are many different variants of flexing the forearms on the ground. According to the old school, the best version are push-ups with raised legs. This arrangement is to guarantee above all a greater involvement of the chest muscles. It is worth using this exercise at the end of your training

French press

French press is a very important exercise according to the old school of strength training. Why? Because it perfectly manages the muscular sensation of triceps, and also allows them to stretch strongly. Although the word exercise contains the word extrusion, movement should be based on

  • shoulders deflection
  • straightening arms
  • pulling the bar

While keeping the elbows still. Legends of bodybuilding recommend mainly French pushing lying on a bench with a barbell. This version of the exercise allows you to focus mainly on the work of triceps.

One-hand French press dumbbells

This is a type of French push which is currently not popular among gym athletes. The old school recommends a version of the French dumbbell punching to the chest on the bench. Exercise is very specific, so it is worth devoting the maximum attention to it in each repetition. It perfectly affects the triceps muscles of the arm, supporting results of barbell bench press. Exercise very much involves triceps and often causes muscle pain so-called DOMS.

Barbells and dumbbells - our greatest and oldest friend on the gym!
Barbells and dumbbells - our greatest and oldest friend on the gym!

Moving the dumbbell in lying position

Moving the dumbbell in a lying position is a classic exercise that was very popular in the heyday of classic bodybuilding. Today, unfortunately, it has been replaced by special machines that actually limit its quality and effect. The old strength training school is saying that the best effects are brought by moving the dumbbell while lying on a bench across. This variant engages and allows you to isolate

It is a great way to develop upper muscle groups, chest training, but also stretching of the involved muscles.


Pulling on the bar is one of the basic exercises that should be included in the training plan of each practitioner. Why? Because it greatly affects the development of the back muscles - thickness and width of the back. Which variant worked best among bodybuilding legends? It turns out that pulling on the bar with a wide grip has entered the canon of classic old school exercises. Years ago a great series enjoyed great popularity, in which the competitors combined two exercises

  • pull on the bars with a wide grip
  • pushing a barbell lying on a horizontal bench

Such a combination was supposed to excite the upper muscle parts in a perfect way. In the exercise, the hands should be spaced wider than the shoulder girdle of the exerciser. This states that movement and technology require enormous power and attention. That is why pulling on the rod with a wide grip is rarely done at present. Nowadays, it is converted into another exercise to pull the upper lift stick to the cage. It is a certain alternative to the movement, although it strongly limits the effects of work on the stick.

Rowing with bar

Rowing is another exercise according to the old school. It used to be the basis of bodybuilding training. The best variants of this exercise are

  • rowing a barbell in a fall with a snatch
  • rowing a barbell in a fall
  • rowing bar T-Bar

It is said that the best results are obtained by paddling a barbell in quite a large torso grabbing the barbell with a snatch - this is to ensure, among others, better stretching of the back, as well as tense muscles of the back during training. A really old school version of rowing is the T-Bar variant. This is a characteristic barbell rowing, based in the corner of the training room. Exercise can be done by barbell interception, or use a handle/clamp. Rowing barbell T-Bar greatly affects the thickness and width of the back.

Rowing with one-piece dumbbell  

Rowing with one-piece dumbbell is a quite popular exercise in strength training. It often appears in beginner and advanced training plans. Similarly to the barbell variant, paddling dumbing allows you to fully stretch and tighten the muscles of the back. This exercise, however, allows you to focus on the work of each side of the back muscles. Rowing a dumbbell requires taking the best position - it is recommended to lay on a bench. The appropriate setting and technique of exercise allows, among others to limit the role of the biceps, and to focus on the tightening of the back muscles. The rotational movement of the torso also plays a key role, which allows to achieve an even better effect of the exercise.

Bending dumbells in a torso fall  

The bending of dumbbells in the fall of the torso is one of the favorite exercises of the legend of world bodybuilding - Arnold Schwarzenegger. This exercise is a great way to develop biceps. The motion characteristic enables the best work of a two-headed arm. The bending of dumbbells makes it possible

  • focus on the movement pattern and muscular sensation
  • use a large load
  • isolate biceps

It is important to stabilize the figure and not perform elbow and other movements that may impair exercise efficiency.


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