Orange – the fruit of life

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Once a symbol of luxury, today a natural first aid kit is available for everyone. Orange is a real vitamin-mineral bomb. In winter and early spring, when it is particularly difficult to get fresh seasonal fruit, oranges can help us protect ourselves from the cold and add the necessary energy during these gloomy days.

Oranges origin

Oranges, due to their beautiful colour and spherical shape, have for centuries been associated with the sun, which symbolises fertility, reproduction and life energy as indispensable for life. In many mythologies, the orange as the Golden Apple was associated with the history of the creation of the world. To this day, it is still believed that this fruit given to someone as a gift ensures prosperity and happiness.

The orange tree comes from areas of tropical Asia and is now grown primarily in the Mediterranean countries, China and the United States. The fruit from Spanish and Californian trees is particularly well known for its juiciness and exceptionally sweet flesh.

Not only vitamin C

Oranges are known for their high vitamin C content (as much as 50 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of orange), which improves the body's immunity, facilitates the absorption of iron and thus adds energy.

This natural antioxidant prevents the occurrence of both the common cold and flu, as well as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is also responsible for correct blood pressure - its role in the body is irreplaceable.

However, oranges contain much more valuable substances than just vitamin C. These include vitamins A, B, B12 and P, as well as mineral salts and peptides, which help the intestines to work properly. Orange is not only the flesh, but also white, slightly less tasty, but equally rich in minerals, white skin.

This is where peptides and fibre and vitamin P, which helps lower blood cholesterol levels, are found. Orange, therefore, has slimming properties and as such is recommended - especially in the form of one-day juices - as a component of diets. Eating these tasty and nutritious fruits is also recommended for pregnant women because they have a lot of folic acid and potassium.

What is contained in oranges - infographic
What is contained in oranges - infographic

Orange or orange peel?

Health is one thing, but there are still many people who care about their beauty. Oranges have been used for centuries to produce perfumes and cosmetics. Even tea would not be possible without oranges - one of the most popular kinds of tea, Earl Grey, would not exist without the addition of bergamot oil, which is extracted from flowers, leaves and peel of oranges.

The flowers themselves also produce precious neroli oil. A kilogram of this extremely aromatic aphrodisiac with antidepressant properties is made from a ton of bitter orange blossoms.

You can make great masks from orange juice, perfect for both normal skin (then you should mix them with milk and flour) and dry skin (orange juice mixed with egg yolk has a refreshing and purifying effect).

Tonics and lotions are also very popular in cosmetics with oranges, because of their relaxing properties. The orange balm helps to fight cellulite, but instead of using cosmetics alone, it is better to simply introduce orange into your diet. 100 grams of this fruit counts only for 44 kcal.

Bet on oranges

According to dieticians, orange is one of five fruits that should be eaten every day. It has a beneficial effect on both the body and the soul. It is worth finding a moment during the day to relax with an orange balm or squeeze the juice from a few fine oranges with your own hands, bearing in mind that the white parts of the skin contain the most essential vitamins for health.

Orange, improves mood, has a positive effect on the entire nervous system thanks to its high thiamine content, and content of neroli oil helps to lose weight. Our mood, appearance and mental abilities, can gain many benefits if we only include some of oranges in our everyday diet plan.

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