Post workout regeneration – you are doing it wrong!


Regeneration after training is a key element of any plan, which aims to develop fitness and improve the figure. What is important - everybody should pay for its appropriate process, regardless of the type of activity and level of advancement. What affects regeneration after classes? Which form will be the most effective? How to speed up muscle recovery after exercise?

    Regeneration of muscles after training  

    Regeneration is a phenomenon during which the body builds up and rebuilds muscles and other tissues. Their damage occurs during training, and as a result  often the so-called DOMS, i.e. muscular pains (mistakenly identified with colloquially called swabs). Inflammation arises, blood creatine kinase increases in blood (it is a product that results from energy production and is one of the most commonly used fatigue markers), There is hormonal changes (among others, decrease in testosterone and increase in cortisol). Regeneration of muscles after training turns out to be the basis of every training plan.

    For what reason? It's really simple.  

    According to the treatments and regeneration activities, it is possible to remove these changes as soon as possible and to allow the next training unit to be made with the proper effectiveness.

    Regeneration after exercise is also closely related to the effect of supercompensation, or adaptation of the body to new training requirements. Poor regeneration may contribute to slowing down or completely stopping training effects.

    Inadequate regeneration process increases the risk of injury and injury. A person who is not fully regenerated often ignores disturbing symptoms, which can lead to undesirable effects.

    How to speed up regeneration?  

    The proper planning and organization of time plays a key role in the context of regeneration

    • training
    • diet
    • dream
    • regenerative treatments

    How to speed up regeneration? How should it look like?  

    Well-planned training is crucial for proper regeneration. By training too often, long and hard, the trainees do not increase their training possibilities and effects. This applies even to perfectly tailored diet and supplementation in training.

    How to speed up regeneration - diet  

    Appropriate supply of calories, including the appropriate selection of the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, is another very important aspect. It basically has a direct effect on regeneration. Composing meals consisting of wholesome products that contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, we provide the body with ingredients for fast and effective post-workout regeneration. In addition, it is worth remembering about proper irrigation every day.

    It's worth reaching for simple carbohydrates after workout to improve post workout regeneration
    It's worth reaching for simple carbohydrates after workout to improve post workout regeneration

    How to speed up regeneration - good amount of sleep

    Sleep has a tremendous impact on the regeneration process. Ensuring the right amount and quality of rest is an inseparable element of effective regeneration. The most optimal solution seems to be sleeping about 7-9 hours. During this time, we should try to get

    • the room where we sleep was well ventilated, darkened and without unnecessary noise;
    • the ambient temperature was the most comfortable.
    • It is also good to not use the electric devices before bedtime, ie a computer, telephone or television. Artificial light can make sleeping difficult and worsens the quality of sleep.

    How to speed up regeneration - regenerative treatments  

    In the light of the latest research, two biological regeneration treatments accelerate regeneration after training most effectively.

    • post-workout massage,
    • cold bath, shower - cooling down after training.

    A massage made by a competent person will accelerate the flow of body fluids through all tissues. Appropriate massage techniques do not cause higher inflammation, which can occur with static stretching and strong rolling (without the right approach).

    Cooling will have a similar effect. Thanks to the shrinkage of blood vessels, the blood along with metabolites of fatigue is removed more quickly from the muscles. Such treatment should last about 10 - 20 minutes. Water with a temperature below 14 degrees Celsius is recommended

    How to speed up muscle recovery after training?  

    Appropriate optimization of factors that have direct and indirect effects on regeneration. Diet, supplementation, sleep, regenerative treatments and even training itself is crucial for effective muscle recovery and superstructure. This is the right planning

    Enables continuous development when working on a figure - regardless of whether it is a period of building muscle mass or reducing body fat. By adding wellness treatments, such as a cold shower after training, they determine the greatest possible and fastest regeneration of the body between workouts. However, you can not forget about the right one

    • stretching before and after training,
    • massage (eg. rolling on roller balls, massage balls).


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