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Amino acids are the basic building blocks of the body. There are 23 types - some of them are endogenous (which the body synthesizes itself), and some - exogenous (these in turn are delivered with food). The lack of amino acids may result in problems not only with fitness, but also with health. Are amino acids by mass necessary in this case? How do they influence the process of building muscle mass? See more in the article.

Amino acids in supplementation

Amino acids are quite a popular supplement in strength training. In fact, every practitioner completes them in various forms. It is important to realize what amino acids are provided - the protein after training is also a powerful dose of amino acids. What amino acids can be used in supplementation?

BCAA for mass  

BCAA, Branched Chain Amino Acids, are the most popular amino acids on the market. They include them

  • leucine
  • valine
  • isoleucine

Branched amino acids have a beneficial effect above all on regeneration after training, gaining muscle mass and protection against catabolism. It's best to use them about 30 minutes before training. In the case of really long training sessions, it is recommended to take them during the effort.

BCAA - a composition of leucine, valine and isoleucine in 2:1:1 ratio
BCAA - a composition of leucine, valine and isoleucine in 2:1:1 ratio

EAA for mass

EAA is another group of amino acids. Essential Amino Acids collectively define exogenous amino acids, which the practitioner's body is not able to create itself. That is why it is so important to provide them with the right amount of with meals and supplements. EAA allow, among others keep full functionality of the body functioning.

A set of essential amino acids. Arginine is derivative of biogenic amino acids, yet it is very important in organism's metabolism.
A set of essential amino acids. Arginine is derivative of biogenic amino acids, yet it is very important in organism's metabolism.

GABA for mass

GABA is the abbreviated name of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is one of the endogenous amino acids. Its operation is mainly conducive to nocturnal regeneration and improvement of sleep quality. It also supports the secretion of growth hormone. Therefore, it is usually used in the evening and immediately before bedtime.

GABA - chemical formula
GABA - chemical formula

DAA for mass

DAA, or D-aspartic acid, is an endogenous product of the body. For what purpose, in this case, provide more of it? Its supplementation is aimed at raising the testosterone level, which has a direct effect on strength, building muscle mass and libido.

DAA - D-aspartic acid chemical formula
DAA - D-aspartic acid chemical formula

Amino acids per mass - effects

The effects of using amino acids will depend on two factors. From what? The first is of course the diet, and the second - the way of their supplementation. The old school of training and supplementation tells you to eat them immediately after training. However, it is currently recommended to take them before and during exercise.

Regardless of supplementation, amino acids bring special effects while building muscle mass.

The first and most important effect of amino acid use is to stop the catabolism process. An organism that does not have enough energy can consume its own muscles. Some of the amino acids can be converted into carbohydrates. Supplied in the form of a supplement very quickly get into the bloodstream, supporting the transport of other nutrients.

Some of the amino acids have properties that improve the efficiency and condition of the body. These are the so-called biostimulating properties. For this reason, athletes at every level of fitness eagerly reach for amino acid supplements. Higher efficiency allows you to perform stronger workouts, which often translates into a greater mass.

Amino acids for mass

The amino acids should be consumed by every practitioner, without exception. Their use of the figure should, however, be dependent on

  • training purpose,
  • nutritional preferences,
  • health.

People who want to increase muscle mass should ensure adequate supply of a comprehensive set of amino acids. Glutamine in supplementation is very important. supports intestinal function, which allows for better absorption of food. Other amino acids allow to stop catabolic processes if after a training session we can not eat a meal right away. Amino acids for muscle mass should also be used by anyone who can not always eat a meal until an hour after finishing the training. It is also an appropriate supplement for people whose diet leaves much to be desired.

When to take amino acids for mass?

When to take amino acids for mass? The best time to eat amino acids for people building muscle mass are the morning and evening hours. In the morning, the body is in a state of catabolism because it has not received adequate nutritional values ​​for a long time.

Taking amino acids in the evening will delay the occurrence of nigh catabolism.

Amino acids for mass?  

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins. They also have many important functions in every body. Without many of them - delivered from food - we will not be able to properly function and exercise. People who train to increase muscle mass can boldly take amino acids in the morning and evening hours to suppress tissue degradation.

Applying them around training will not be as effective in their case as for those reducing body fat.

People on the mass should also remember that excess protein in the diet does not really interfere with muscle building. That is why you need to find the perfect proportion of proteins. Amino acids for mass? It's a great idea because they have a huge impact, among others on the regeneration process and the level of free testosterone.

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