Protein supplements – benefits, types and dosage


Probably known to every athlete, used more or less, enjoying greater or lesser popularity - protein supplements. A wide topic, but definitely worth considering. What are they? What is their operation? Why is it worth it? Protein supplements are food products that contain protein in their composition, depending on the type of plant or animal origin. For all people who need to increase their diet rich in protein, such nutrients are the best solution possible. As you know, it is the basic building block of muscles, so using them in the right amount and using regular workouts can contribute to the increase in muscle mass.

What is protein supplements?

Protein supplements are designed to supplement the protein in the diet of people who are training and this protein needs much more than the average person. The safe range for the necessary amount of protein is 1.4-2 g per kilogram of body weight. Both in the phase of building muscle mass as well as reducing protein is necessary. In the first case it is the building block for muscle building, in the second it prevents loss of muscle tissue and regulates hunger. Protein supplements can substitute for a meal, but they can not be a diet in itself but a supplement.

Dosage of protein supplements

MZ Whey should meet all your requirements regarding protein supplements quality!
MZ Whey should meet all your requirements regarding protein supplements quality!

There is no one specific portion of how much protein nutrient a person should use, because it depends on many factors. It is influenced by the weight of the person training, the type of physical activity, or the way in which such a person is nourished. For everyone, the need for protein is simply different. It is assumed that for an average person weighing 80-90kg, the amount of protein taken is 30g per day. If we know that the amount of protein consumed on a given day is too small, then it can be increased by a higher dose of protein. If the diet was rich in protein, then this amount may remain at this standard level. Protein supplements can be used in the morning as well as in the evening. Both protein-rich breakfast as well as dinner are an ideal solution for muscle regeneration.

Who are protein supplements for?

Protein supplements are really for everyone, although of course in a special way recommended for those active, practicing all kinds of sports. It is a good solution for people who train in strength, to accelerate the building of muscle mass, while caring for regeneration after training. This is a good solution for people who train quickly to improve endurance and endurance, and to minimize the effects of long-term effort. Protein supplements are a very good solution for use in order to supplement protein in the diet, so everyone who takes meals poor in protein certainly for such supplements should put.

Types of protein supplements

There are many types of protein supplements available on the market, which share due to the origin of the protein.

In addition, rice proteins or pea protein are also very popular. Each of them tastes different and each has slightly different characteristics.

Protein supplements are used both for mass building as well as for the reduction of adipose tissue.For all people who need increased protein requirements, they are certainly ideal for dietary supplements.

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