Running can destroy your joints! How to run healthy?

The turn of winter and spring is the best time to start running. Both professionals and amateurs start the season. Remember, however, that a bad running technique, instead of improving health, can really hurt our joints. Before we start training, let's also take care of appropriate strengthening of the body, through exercise, diet and supplementation.

All problems with joints - knees and hips - they are caused by overtraining and bad running technique. If we decide to run regularly, we have to remember about the three basic elements of health important training, regeneration of the body and good nutrition.

If we keep the right proportions in these elements, we will avoid injury and we will enjoy running long, constantly improving our skills. Observing people running, especially in the first period of running, I notice their high ambition at the beginning of the road. Usually, after six months, the first injuries appear, caused by bad technique and inappropriate preparation. The first months of training should be a preliminary preparatory stage, for later training loads, what many joggers forget about.

In a situation where everyone wants to achieve the best results in a short time, the appropriate supplementation is very important.

Improper running can affect our physical fitness and health. If we land too much on our heels, and the movement of the foot is too fluid, we cause that the foot does not absorb the impact of our several dozen kilograms on the ground well. It is worth remembering that the impact force is three times the weight of the body, which is reflected on the knees. It is also harmful to put a foot on the inner or outer part of the shoe, which causes hip and knee pain after some time.

Do not be afraid of rain

Regardless of whether we want to run competitive or recreational, in both cases we must be patient. The effects will come with time, and attempts to get good results from the very beginning can end in serious injury and overtraining. If you have not been running so far, your body is not used to such behavior. You also need to remember what you run and where.

We propose to start the adventure with running from fast marches interlaced with short sections of jog. After 10 minutes, we do some simple gymnastic exercises - arm and leg extends, bends, light stretching exercises. For the next 20 minutes, we march, running up short sections of 50-100 m. We do this exercise 3 times a week. After a month we can start running training without fear of injury. We must remember about the straightened spine. The head can not be tilted up. We look ahead, not under our feet. Hands bent at the elbow, at right angles, work parallel to the torso. We raise the legs during the run, but without too much exaggeration. We land on the heel and bounce off the front of the foot. We try to put your feet straight, without unnecessary throwing from side to side or inside.

The weather should not affect our running, so despite the discomfort, let's try to run in all conditions. Going to training when it's raining or it's cold, shapes our psyche.

Supplementation and diet above all

While practicing most sports, we can overload our joints. Sooner or later there may be pain, which is usually caused by too intense training.

The Triathlon, which consists of swimming, cycling and running, requires special joint-tendon-muscular protection because there are different loads in each of these disciplines. Hence, it is extremely important to prevent and eliminate any possible problems with the joints through the use of supplementation.

- After using collagen supplements, I observed a decrease in pain and stiffness in the joints compared to the seasons when I did not use such supplements - says our customer - In addition, flexibility training, which always caused I am in great devastation, at this moment I bear mildly and I do not have to regenerate for a long time. It is also worth mentioning that during certain periods of developing strength, I had to give up such a form of training because of joints. There was also a significant improvement in skin health.

Of course, a proper diet must follow the supplement. Ideally composed of the least processed and modified products. It is worth to prepare most meals at home, because then we are sure what we eat and we can control our body weight.


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