Running or cycling – what burns more fat?


Cycling is one of the more common cardio workouts. Probably because it is a very pleasant form of physical exercise. However, scientific research is absolute and it turns out that when cycling we burn much less fat than we do during a run.

Researchers from the British University of Birmingham used 12 trained men who were tasked with training on the cyclomotive and treadmill. The amount of fat lost during training was compared. The intensity of both workouts was gradually increased to 60% VO2max. It was an intensity during which the subjects could talk freely. In theory, this amount is optimal for using fat as a fuel for our body while protecting the use of sugars or proteins.

It turns out that when we run with the same intensity as when we ride a bike will burn more fat than cycling. What's more, the level of lactic acid increased faster when cycling, than when running.

Running is a form of training that uses a larger number of muscle groups, which allows for more efficient energy expenditure. What's more, riding a bike forces the lower limbs to work harder. This is associated with a faster increase in the level of lactic acid and a greater use of glucose.

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