Should you use amino acids, when you are losing weight?


Amino acids constitute a very important part of the human diet. These are the proteins that are the basic building blocks of all our cells. Their adequate supply guarantees the proper functioning of all organs, hormones and systems. During reduction and reduction, pay special attention to their amount in the diet. Why? Because it is a time of increased use. If demand is growing, it is necessary to increase their supply. Otherwise, instead of sculpting the body, we simply burn the muscle mass. Are amino acids for reduction really so necessary?  

Amino acids for reduction - effects  

The main effect of using amino acids during reduction of body fat and body sculpting is protection against catabolism. In this case, the best amino acids are BCAA and glutamine.

BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids, belong to exogenous substances. This means that they must be delivered with food. They are able to protect the body against the process of catabolism, or eating your own muscles. They also delay the appearance of tiredness and accelerate recovery.

The best choices are the amino acids with the designation 2:1:1. This is the ratio of leucine to valine and isoleucine. While it may seem unnecessary to take BCAA during the mass period, it is of great importance and justification during the reduction. They make up almost half of the dry muscle mass and their deficiency can significantly affect muscle loss.

The set of 20 basic amino acids,necessary for proper functioning of our organism.
The set of 20 basic amino acids,necessary for proper functioning of our organism.

Another amino acid is glutamine, which is the ideal medium for the intestines. It is also the building block of muscle mass. It is for this re

Recommended EAA supplement, containing complex blend of every Exogenous Amino Acid - ReferencEAA from Apollo's Hegemony
Recommended EAA supplement, containing complex blend of every Exogenous Amino Acid - ReferencEAA from Apollo's Hegemony

ason that the most commonly used amino acids are BCAA preparations and glutamine, or a combination thereof.

Glutamine itself improves the endurance of the body and promotes the improvement of immunity. This is caused firstly by the fact that it nourishes the intestines, which translates into a better absorption of micronutrients from food. Second, by stimulating the protein building process by increasing the production of nitric oxide.

It can be stored in the form of glutamic acid in the brain, providing it with an alternative source of energy in the absence of glucose. Thanks to the ability to regulate the level of sugar in the blood reduces the urge to snack on sweets. It favors a lot of weight loss and body sculpting.

For whom are the amino acids for reduction?  

Amino acids should be used by everyone during the reduction period. It is especially worth paying attention to people who have problems with delivering them from food. Because amino acids are divided into endogenous and exogenous, the diet is so important. The body is able to synthesize only a few of the substances it needs. Especially vegetarians, vegans and people with increased physical activity are at risk.

People who train endurance, or footballers, runners and swimmers should provide the body with amino acids before exercise along with carbohydrates. If the training session lasts over an hour, and usually it is even 2-3 hours, during the training it is worth drinking a drink containing BCAA. This solution will help protect your muscles against catabolism during the session.

Recommended BCAA supplement - MZ Store BCAA
Recommended BCAA supplement - MZ Store BCAA

When to take amino acids for a reduction?  

Amino acids for reduction are best taken around training. At this time they will perform their role best - especially BCAA, whose dosage recommended by the study is 1g for every 10 kg of body weight. It is best for 30 minutes before the training, optionally during the hour and immediately after its completion. The use of glutamine may in turn be different. You can take her on an empty stomach in the morning, while drinking a glass of water. This solution will be beneficial especially for work and intestinal health.

Amino acids for reduction?  

Amino acids during the reduction period are a good choice in the placement of supplementation. We should wait a few weeks for the effects of using glutamine, but BCAA can not be felt at all. These amino acids work on a degree that is difficult to sense because we are not immediately able to feel how the muscles regenerate. It is also worth remembering that both glutamine and BCAA branched amino acids can be found in whey protein and food. Using them in the form of a supplement is, however, definitely simpler and more convenient - it does not burden the stomach with exertion.


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