Smart tips to lose your belly cheeks!


A few extra pounds is not a disaster yet, but the lack of change in nutrition and lifestyle can cause further weight gain, which no one seems to care about. But how do you get there when each slimming diet is too complicated and the situation outside is not conducive to physical activity? It turns out that already a few small changes in everyday chores can stop weight gain, and in the long run even help get rid of unnecessary fat.

Cheating stomach - a clever diet

Overweight arises because you eat meals that are too high in calories compared to your body’s energy needs. Eating too large portions or fattening products is especially dangerous for people who have a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, it is worth limiting the calorie supply, which is possible without a diet by cleverly cheating the stomach.

  1. Smaller plates - they hold less food and thus the portions consumed are reduced.
  2. Thoroughly chewing on each bite - thanks to this you can satisfy your hunger quite quickly and thus eat less than in the case of greedy swallowing large pieces of food. Also, intensive chewing of the food lowers the risk of indigestion and bloating.
  3. Drinking still water between meals - water is healthy, has no calories, and is a fairly good stomach filler and for some time lets you forget about the appetite for unhealthy snacks.
  4. Eating soups - soups have a lot of water in them, so they quickly fill the stomach and thus allow you to satisfy hunger faster and eat less for a second course.
  5. Eating more often - small meals eaten every 2-3 hours eliminate hunger spikes between meals.
  6. Healthy and low-calorie snacks - raw cucumbers, radishes, cherry tomatoes are low-calorie vegetables that cheat hunger in between meals.

Of course, it is worth limiting the consumption of sweets, chips and hamburgers, because they are the worst enemies of a slim figure. It’s that simple!

Some additional helpful tips!
Some additional helpful tips!

Incidental physical activity

Even the best slimming diet without physical activity can be ineffective, so if you don’t feel like our time for any sport, you have to do it differently. Here are ideas to move more and thus burn calories

  1. Giving up the elevator - going up the stairs for 10 minutes allows you to burn about 50 kcal.
  2. More frequent cleaning of the windows - 30 minutes of this activity is about 110 calories burned.
  3. Shortening the bus route - just get off at an earlier stop to burn nearly 125 kcal during a half-hour walk, and if you speed up the pace due to, for example, bad weather, you can increase this value by another 30 calories.
  4. Hugging a dog - walking the dog is a great motivation for additional walks, as well as a good way to get a great friend.

As you can see, quite simple ways you can not only reduce the number of calories consumed but also burn them more, without torturing yourself with a complicated diet and doing sports. The above methods do not require much effort, and yet they can bring quite specific effects in the form of changing eating habits, better well-being and a slimmer figure.

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