Spring water – for babies and for weight loss – which water is the best?

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documented underground water resources and is chemically and microbiologically clean. The chemical composition of spring water may be subject to minor geological changes. According to independent studies, there are no big quality differences between spring water and tap water. However, the mineral composition of tap water depends on where it is obtained - it can be an underground water intake or a river.

Properties of spring water

Spring water has low mineral content - no more than 500 mg of minerals per litre. Due to low mineralization and low sodium content spring water is used in the diet of infants and children. It is also good for the kidneys because low mineral saturation does not stress them with the need for excessive filtration processes

Spring water comes in both still and carbonated forms. It is not true that spring water does not hydrate - hydration does not depend on the amount of minerals contained in the water.

Which spring water should I choose?

When choosing spring water it is worth taking into account who will consume it and what it will be used for - cooking or replenishing fluids in the body.

People with heart diseases should pay attention to the sodium content and choose spring water which has the least amount of this element. The same is true in the case of kidney and urinary tract diseases, where low-sodium waters are recommended. On the other hand, if the water is to be used for food preparation, spring water is the best choice for cooking.

Spring water for infants

Spring water with the lowest amount of minerals is recommended for children and infants. Such water is also suitable for preparing meals for babies.

Water, just like other products for children, has to meet rigorous standards. It must be free of heavy metals and have the lowest possible content of fluoride, chloride, sulfate, nitrite, and nitrate. The latest recommendations do not recommend spring water during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The demand for minerals increases during both pregnancy and lactation, so mineral waters are recommended during these periods.

Spring water for weight loss

Process of weight loss should be based on the loss of body fat. All processes in our body take place in the presence of water, which is the environment for metabolic processes. Dehydration of the body can significantly impede weight reduction and fat burning. In addition, drinking water helps to reduce calorie intake and fill the stomach between meals. When losing weight, you can use both spring and mineral water - the choice depends on your own preferences, health and dietary diversity. It is definitely more important to drink enough water in general, i.e. a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water a day.

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