Steroids increase the risk of injury


Boston researchers indicate that the use of anabolic steroids contributes to a 9-fold increase in the risk of tendon tear injuries. Importantly, most of the injuries reported are outside the training room, not during strength training.

Researchers analyzed 142 bodybuilders data. 88 of them used anabolic steroids, and 54 bodybuilders declared that they did not use SAA. They had an average of 20 years training experience, and their age range was within 35-55 years.

In the course of the analysis of the medical documentation of those athletes, it was established that the chance of tendon rupture for patients using SAA was 9 times higher than for people training naturally. Severe upper body tears were found in people using SAA. The same tears were not found in people who were doing physical activity without using drugs. 80% of injuries occurred during the practice of another sport or at work.

People using anabolic-androgenic steroids are more likely to suffer from injuries associated with tendon rupture. Even people with very long experience in bodybuilding, but not using such aids, did not show variable characteristics in the construction of tendons. Their medical history has not shown this type of ailments.

This finding suggests that if a muscular man experienced a ruptured tendon, particularly in the upper body, there is a strong suspicion that he used anabolic-androgenic steroids as an adjuvant for athletic performance.

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