Storage and transport of probiotics in the MZ Stpre shop!

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Apart from choosing an appropriate probiotic supplement, it is also worth taking care of the proper conditions that are conducive to its quality. Probiotic preparations contain live organisms, which need a favorable temperature to survive and it cannot be too high. Therefore, what to do to make a supplement bring the most benefits?

Let’s start with storing probiotics. The conditions of storage are important at each stage, stating from the warehouse of a producer, through transport and storage in a shop to the shipment after purchase.

It is quite obvious, producers need to take care about the quality of the delivered products, therefore they maintain the appropriate temperature for bacteria and send it to shops in heat-insulating packaging with ice packs. We are talking here especially about products which require cooling (as not every probiotic needs it), however, the most solid companies send all probiotics with ice packs, just to be sure.

The subsequent step is the most problematic, i.e. the shop’s warehouse and shipment to a target customer. Unfortunately, very few shops, especially in the Polish conditions, decide to buy fridges for probiotics, not to mention heat-insulting boxes and ice packs. Due to this frequent negligence, even seemingly the best product may be of feeble quality if it has been stored for a long time on a shelf without cooling. For this reason, in order not to waste money and time to apply ineffective preparations, it is worth choosing a shop, which has serious attitude to taking care of the product’s quality and all probiotics that require low temperature should be stored in the fridge.

After declaring the shipment in a cooling packaging, such orders as sent from Monday to Thursday in order to avoid prolonging the transport due to the weekend, unless the client wishes to send the parcel on Friday. Prolonging the transport in such a way should not have negative influence on the survival of the bacteria, as even the producer when sending international parcels to the shop’s warehouse secures them with gel ice packs, being conscious that they are going to be in transport for a few days. Therefore, avoiding the shipment on Fridays is just a precautionary measure for greater certainty.The mz-store shop has taken care to ensure maximal effectiveness of the probiotic products that it offers. The client is certain that all products that require low temperature are not exposed to the activity of high temperature and if only the customer expresses such a will, he or she will receive the supplement in a foam box with the ice pack, maintaining the temperature according to recommendations.

Ice packs are used to maintain appropriate temperature.

Finally, when we receive the parcel, we bear responsibility for ensuring probiotic bacteria decent conditions, from taking it out from the box until the moment they reach our digestive tract.

Certainly, we need to put probiotics into the fridge. We may do this even when the producer informs us that there is no need to do this. However, cool conditions will always help us to maintain higher amount of live bacteria for a longer period of time, which is beneficial.

Heat-insulating packages.

At the end, let’s discuss the way of application of probiotics. It is often said that probiotic preparations should be taken after or during a meal, as it ensures good conditions for their activity in the intestines. It is especially the case, when the meal is rich is prebiotics. However, the temperature of the meal accompanying probiotics is rarely mentioned. As it is easy to figure out, it should not be hot. It would be terrible negligence to take a probiotic after a hot dish, which unfortunately can kill the bacteria at the very end of their trip. Analogously, in case of drinks, we should not wash probiotics down with warm liquids.

To sum up, we need to pay a lot of attention not only to the assurances of the producers regarding the effects of a given preparation, but also look for a shop, which will make sure that the supplement we receive really demonstrates such properties. When buying probiotics in the mz-store shop, we may take advantage not only of the widest selection of supplements in Poland, but also exclusive care of good condition of the products, which is hard to encounter in any other shop on our market.

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