Supplementation for women – cont.

Cara Marshall

Another supplement that should appear for good in the diet of every training girl are amino acids BCAA. As we know, amino acids are restricted compounds building muscles, which contribute to transporting energy compounds in our organisms and constitute around 35% of our muscles.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are the three fromBCAA Powder  eight exogenous amino acids, i.e. amino acids that our organism is not able to synthesize by itself. They are: leucine (the strongest ingredient, which regulates sugar level in blood, repairs tissues and is used to muscle work), isoleucine (source of energy) and valine. BCAA successfully stimulate proteins synthesis and is a great source of easily available energy to stimulate the processes stopping muscle catabolism or muscle breakdown.

The intensity of catabolic processes is increased mainly during and after physical effort and it is most intensive in case of reduction diets. As a consequence, not only fatty tissue is lost, but also muscle tissue, which is undesired by each and every of us when on caloric deficit we fight for exposing as many muscles as possible, that were built with hard work. BCAA fortunately diminishes this risk. Moreover, one of the benefits of using it during reduction is the fact that taking a dose of BCAA around effort time may be conducive to fatty tissue loss by accelerating metabolism. It has also been observed that branched amino acids evince the ability to lower craving. All of this thanks to leucine, which by means of the enzyme called kinase mTOR influences the center of hunger and satiety in the brain. Also thanks to adding BCAA to a meal, it will be more satiating.

I use BCAA before and after my training. Also before cardio, half an hour earlier! Sometimes I drink BCAA dissolved in water, during the training, especially when it is long and effortful. It has been proven that thanks to branched amino acids the feeling of fatigue appears later and we may do our best for longer. After the training, on the other hand, they support regeneration.

Which BCAA do I use? I can recommend two instant products that I use interchangeably. The first one is the American very good product Amino BSN (yes, this is the company from Amanda Latona ;)), each taste is delicious! It is best for barbell squats, as it is very sweet, especially the watermelon taste and gives you the power. It may be bought for the cheapest price HERE.

Another, a bit cheaper, its Polish equivalent, but also tasty is BCAA Powder  by the company  XXL Nutrition

Now I am going to do my training and I will drink my portion of amino acids in the subway 😉

Have a nice day!

Karola Kocięda

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