Supplements for swimmers

Every athlete should be sure that his body receives all the necessary nutrients. Carefully selected
dietary supplements can help. Also the swimmers will find suitable preparations for themselves.
Long swimming workouts require a lot of strength, so you need to be sure that the body does not
run out of energy.

As you know, the most important source of energy are carbohydrates, which is
why it is worth reaching for carbohydrate supplements. The use of these preparations also improves
the oxidation of fatty acids and thus supports slimming and reduces muscle acidification. The
recommended supplement is, for example, Activlab's HOT. It is a carbohydrate preparation enriched
with vitamins and minerals.
Swimmers should also take appropiate portions of protein, therefore it is advisable to use protein
supplements. In this case, it is worth recommending the product Trec - WHEY 100. This
supplement provides easily absorbed protein of high quality. It is an excellent source of amino
acids, glutamine and arginine.
Another group of supplements recommended to swimmers are amino acids. They have very
important functions in the human body, among others, they support anabolic processes. Branched-
chain amino acids, BCAA, are of particular importance.
Every now and then, the use of creatine is also recommended. It enables you to increase endurance
and also helps build muscle mass. For supplementation you can use, for example, APS products -
Crea Max. It is a supplement containing creatine malate, which effectively increases strength and
endurance, and at the same time improves hydration of the body.
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