Sweets on a diet


Many of us are wondering how to stand on a diet without their favorite sweets. The very idea that we will have to put it away causes us to wonder if slimming makes sense at all. Do you really have to exclude all the sweet delicacies during your weight loss? However, can one sometimes afford a small piece of chocolate?

Exessive amount of sugar

If you have chills at the thought of the diet, because you can not imagine life without chocolate, then know that many people have similar feelings.

Some people are even afraid to try sweets, because they know that they will not end on one bite. Sugar very quickly raises blood glucose. As a result of this process, the pancreas begins to produce and secrete large amounts of insulin, which quickly lowers this level. As a result, you feel a drop in energy and you feel like another sweetness.

Others in a diet must allow themselves to be sweet once in a while, because they know that thinking about sweets will completely overwhelm them.

Eating excessive amount of sugar is one of the worst bad habits which you can make!
Eating excessive amount of sugar is one of the worst bad habits which you can make!

How to get used to the sweet taste?

It's worth at least for two weeks to completely put away everything that sweet sugar, sweets, cookies, sweet yogurts, cheese or sweet drinks. It is even about honey or products sweetened with sweeteners. In order for the body to get used to the sweet taste and to be sensitive to it, it takes some time. After two weeks, one chocolate cube is enough to satisfy the desire for sweets. Probably sweetened tea or coffee after this time just will not taste you anymore.

Giving up sweets is not easy for everyone

The habit of sweet taste is very strong. It's hard to free yourself from this pleasure in one moment, because it makes you addicted just like alcohol or cigarettes. After its consumption in the blood increases the level of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. We want it more and more. We associate sweet taste with good mood or positive stimulation.

Take away the sweets from the house

To make it easier to get used to the sweets you have to get rid of them from your sight. You have to throw away all the supplies from the cabinets that could tempt you in a moment of weakness. Of course, you can always go to the store and buy a sweet delicacy, but it will be much more difficult than reaching for the "forbidden fruit" from the kitchen cabinet.

When the desire for sugar starts to bother you, you can use several tips

  • reach for a sweet fruit or a sweet crispy carrot. It also contains sugar, but in a much smaller concentration than the one contained in chocolate. In addition, you will provide them with a lot of valuable vitamins and fiber, which will fill the stomach and distract attention from food.
  • brush your teeth with mint paste or chew sugarless mint gum. A fresh, refreshing aftertaste will discourage you from sweet temptations.
  • drink warm fruit tea, of course not sweetened. Its sweet taste and warmth relax the stomach and distract thoughts from eating.
  • go for a walk or practice, preferably in the air. Pushing thoughts away in a healthier direction is sometimes very helpful.
  • think about how much physical activity will cost you the burning of a momentary sweet whim. Reading nutrition information on the packaging effectively discourages eating it.
We are giving you a cheatsheet to know how much calories have some popular sweeties!
We are giving you a cheatsheet to know how much calories have some popular sweeties!

Reaching for something sweet once in a while is not a bad thing, even during a diet. The idea is to be able to refuse sweets every day and not give in to them at every opportunity. It's a matter of habit, or rather a habit of sweet taste. For this a bit of willpower and success will be guaranteed).

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