Taurine burns fat!

Jack Howard

As a result of recent observations - Japanese scientists have noticed the unknown side of taurine... As it turns out: this well-known to athletes amino acid - anabolic and anti-catabolic - intensively stimulates fat burning in subcutaneous adipose tissue and facilitates reduction of its mass. And by the way ... the Japanese were somehow particularly fond of taurine - in fact, most of the information about this supplement comes from that country.

    Taurine for muscles

    You may know about taurine, and I do not need to advertise it very much, because all the athletes know it well enough... The most famous thing was its reputation as an anti-catabolic, anabolic, and a creatine "pusher". However, at this time- for the sake of order – it’s worth mentioning the basic information...

    Taurine is an important part of our body, involved in many life processes, partly produced by the body, and partly consumed by the body. Athletes know it as a dietary supplement to help maintain high psychological well-being and muscle tissue growth. Its psycho-energetic activity, used in the formulation of energizers - in a caffeine-based product, is primarily related to the regulation of the activity of the GABAergic system in which the signals are transmitted by glutamic acid alone or converted to gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). Thanks to this: Taurine increases resistance to stress and prolongs the standby period - and thus - prolongs the activity of caffeine, which - by the margin - also helps reduce body fat...

    The positive effect of taurine on the muscles is quite complex and has not yet been found - a fully satisfactory explanation. Muscle tissue accumulates the most of this amino acid - from all tissues of the human body. It is known that taurine is involved in the circulatileon of calcium ions and organic nitrogen and the work of some hormones, as well as eliminates free radicals and inhibits the breakdown of proteins, which ultimately facilitates the regeneration and development of muscles. Proper turnover of calcium ions has a huge part in generating strength impulses, developing muscle mass and shaping physical fitness. These problems are discussed extensively in the article "Taurine - Bull Therapy", to which I refer all - interested in details.

    In addition to glutamine, taurine is a basic transporter of non-protein nitrogen. Because muscle tissue is the same nitrogen store as fat tissue - energy ingredients, therefore - when other tissues (e.g. internal organs) lack nitrogen - the body breaks down muscle proteins (initiates catabolism), extracts nitrogen and taurine (or Glutamine) that transports it - through blood - into nitrogen thirsty tissue. It’s not difficult to guess that the body, while satisfying the nitrogenous appetite of tissues, destroys a hard-worked mass without respect for our efforts and protests. It is not difficult to imagine that we - by consuming a supplement of taurine (or glutamine) - supply nitrogen thirsty tissues and inhibit the breakdown of muscle proteins.

    If we talk about hormones - then taurine stimulates the release of especially one of them - insulin. And since insulin transports to muscle cells carbohydrates and amino acids (and creatinine among them), taurine has gained fame - creatine "pusher".

    Let's leave aside further discussion on the relationship between taurine and muscle mass development, and let's move on to the essence of this lecture - the effect of taurine on fat reduction ... Although the reports of taurine fat burning were reported in the literature, So far - well documented scientifically. The Japanese have made a breakthrough here: not only have they proven the slimming properties of taurine, they have also explained the mechanisms of this action. Let's see; what exactly did the Japanese researchers prove to be true?

    Want to build muscles? Taurine will help you in that!

    Taurine versus fat

    Anyone that had at least a bit of a taste of biochemistry or endocrinology - knows that insulin shows us a double face: on the one hand, intensifying the synthesis of muscle proteins, on the other hand simultaneously inhibiting the breakdown and facilitating the accumulation of spare fat. So, if taurine stimulates insulin release - helping to build muscle mass and transport creatine, how can it also help reduce body fat? If you remember - your time has been stirred up by the discussion around SdW. When talking about it, I argued that insulin was only used in this case when its repulsion was stimulated by high portions of glucose (sugar) from carbohydrates. Because the sugar level must always stay in the bloodstream - as constant as possible; When the abundant ration of glucose (derived from easily-assimilable carbohydrates, e.g. white sugar) stimulates the pancreas to release a high dose of insulin, this  "stuffs" glucose into tissues in an uneven ratio: less transports to the muscles, more to the adipose tissue. Muscles have a very limited sugar storage capacity - in the form of glycogen while the storage capacity of subcutaneous fat is here - in principle - almost unlimited. In fat cells - glucose is stored after being converted to glycerol and fatty acids (spare fat components). While; When a shot of insulin is initiated with taurine (or leucine, for example), our hormone pushes glucose into the bloodstream and causes its blood levels to drop. Because this level - as we know - must be compensated: the body releases hormones that break down fat reserves (mainly glucagon, adrenaline and noradrenaline) and recover glucose stored in it - glycerol. This way - the stimulation of insulin with other nutrients, rather than easily-assimilated carbohydrates, not only does not present the danger of fatigue, it can also help to reduce fat.

    This mechanism has been translated into a paradox; Insulin-boosting supplements make it (surprisingly) fat-burning and reducing body fat. Recent research shows that this can only be an additional effect, while insulin stimulators work differently. For example: Leucine, as I recently wrote, stimulates a particular enzyme - mTOR kinase. On the other hand, mTOR kinase increases the production and activity of intracellular receptors, abbreviated as PPAR delta, which reliably binds the selected fatty compounds (especially omega 3), and the binding stimulates genes for the production of various proteins involved in fatty acid combustion. It is very similar in the case of taurine, as the Japanese researchers point out. But, first things first…

    Remember that the basic of loosing fat and weight is proper diet with caloric deficit
    Remember that the basic of loosing fat and weight is proper diet with caloric deficit

    Taurine and fat tissue

    A lot of researchers’ attention is recently focused around PPAR. These are intracellular receptors (like the androgen receptors - for testosterone and other anabolic steroids), which bind selected nutrients (mainly fatty acids) and activate the genes - as a result of this binding. There are three types of PPAR - gamma, alpha and delta in fat tissue. While PPAR gamma multiply fat cells - favours obesity, alpha and delta (especially delta) multiply all (literally all) proteins involved in the destruction of fatty acids - especially proteins responsible for their intense burning with the release of thermal energy (thermogenesis), called proteins Unbinding (in English - abbreviation - UCP). In this situation - it is not difficult to guess that all alpha and delta activating nutrients will promote fat reduction, as we have already done in previous articles - for example on leucine and omega 3. Here it is worth mentioning that activation of PPAR alpha and the delta (especially alpha) stimulates the anabolism of proteins - in muscle tissue...

    Our Japanese friends have proven to us that taurine is extremely potent in stimulating the production of PPAR receptors (especially alpha type) as well as all (literally all) transport and enzyme proteins involved in fatty acid combustion, such as those used to reduce fat and maintain first-class separation. Interestingly - this activity of taurine occurred only in white (subcutaneous) adipose tissue; Our amino acid did not affect the level and activity of PPAR and other fat burners - either in muscle tissue or in brown (internal) adipose tissue or in other tissues and organs.

    For example, what is the relationship between taurine and PPAR delta, how does taurine stimulate PPAR alpha production, and whether increasing levels of other fat burners are just a consequence of multiplication activity, or taurine Increases production by some signal pathway? The Japanese comment that taurine behaves like a hormone and that it has its own specific signalling pathway - at least in subcutaneous adipose tissue. It may be that there is some unknown kinase (similar to mTOR) or an unidentified intracellular receptor that binds amino acids such as SRF.

    Taurine Deficiency

    The problem of the taurine deficit has emerged from today's research. It turns out that high-calorie diets inhibit taurine-cysteine ​​enzyme (CDO) enzyme activity. So the more we eat, the less taurine is produced in the liver and white adipose tissue - in places where CDO is mainly worked and where production of taurine is most effective. When - as a result of overdose - lack of taurine, fatty acids are also missing, which creates the proverbial situation: "still the same" and what favours it again - the accumulation of fat under the skin. The Japanese have shown how to break the "vicious circle" - supplementing the diet with taurine. It took just 3 grams of this amino acid daily to effectively prevent the development of adipose tissue, stimulated for 7 weeks with an extraordinarily high calorie diet.

    Unfortunately, these studies do not show - what dose should be used and how long to continue supplementation to get rid of excess weight - in the case of already existing obesity? Well, but good – and that’s it!

    I don’t think it’s worth waiting for further research; you can use taurine right away - as a fat burner.

    Personally - by composing some "degreasing mix" - I would first put it together with a good thermogenic (e.g. Rocket Fuel Blue Edition)

    If I would have too much money - I would add - omega 3, CLA, leucine, carnitine and lecithin. All of the listed substances show synergism with each other - they reinforce each other's effects. The synergism between taurine and all the ingredients of thermogenics - caffeine, for example - looks promising. Since taurine mixes with caffeine form the basis of the energizer composition, we can think of these drinks as psychostimulants but also as fat burners. And although - as I mentioned - the synergism between taurine and thermogenics is strikingly impressive, the explanation of its mechanisms requires quite a long lecture. That's why now - I will end this, and I will refer more broadly to this issue in one of the following articles...

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