The healing power of nettle


Many people consider nettle as a common weed. Meanwhile, it is one of the most valued herbs in many cultures. It contains many valuable vitamins, microelements and mineral salts - its healing properties are highly appreciated by experts and are confirmed by clinical trials. Nettle herb strengthens and cleanses the body (has diuretic properties), stimulates the immune system, improves the condition of the skin and hair, and has a positive effect on the pancreas, liver and stomach.

    How to prepare nettle

    In spring and summer, it is worth drinking the juice of freshly picked nettles. In winter, tea made from dried nettle leaves will help fight stress. Drinking infusions or adding fresh leaves of young nettle to salads facilitates metabolism and increases the appetite.

    Nettle can be a great base for tea
    Nettle can be a great base for tea

    Nettle benefits

    Nettle is a real treasury of active compounds necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Herbalism specialists even consider it a natural antibiotic. Nettle has bactericidal properties, so it can be used in the treatment of skin diseases, acne and skin inflammation.

    Nettle was widely used as an aphrodisiac in ancient times. It was also believed that it could increase fertility in men. Perhaps that is why in Roman mythology the nettle was dedicated to the goddess Venus.

    How does nettle become so famous?

    In Asia, nettle became famous thanks to Milarepa - one of the most famous Tibetan yogis from the Kagyu school. According to legend, the medieval master meditated for years at the foot of the holy mountain Kajlas, whose slopes were covered with nettles. During his meditations, he ate mainly on this plant.

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