The most important tips concerning building muscle mass

Is it hard for you to gain mass? Do you constantly have problems with pushing your weight up? Don’t you see the effects of your hard trainings at the gym, even though you do your best and your diet is under control? The content of the below article will undoubtedly be an ideal tip for your future! I will try to present a few most important issues regarding muscle gain in a short and meaningful way. Although the summer season is coming, so the majority of people are fighting for the “beach silhouette”, there are still many people who have problems gaining mass and for them there is no difference whether it is summer or winter season. Maybe they are doing something wrong and maybe just a few changes are needed in their attitude to training and/or diet in order to make them closer to their desired goal.

Amount of calories for building muscle mass

The most often made mistake by people who have problems with gaining muscle mass is the lack of caloric surplus in their daily diets. They don’t realize that in order to gain weight they need to provide more calories than the organism needs to function normally. We may have a great training plan, take care about regeneration and base on the best-quality supplements, but if we don’t provide proper amount of macronutrients a day, building good-quality muscle mass will not be possible.

Proper diet for building muscle mass

As widely known, every organism is different and everyone should individually customize dietary plan. Using ready-made plans copied from the Internet has no sense here, as one person will react better to higher amount of carbohydrates, another will benefit from higher supply of fats, while someone else will feel great on perfectly balanced diet and only then he or she will note best training progress. The best solution is to test each of the above options and select dietary plan according to your own feelings. Only then we will be sure that our well-being will be appropriate and training progress better and better.

Supplements are only addition not basic of building muscle mass!

Don’t be deceived by supplementation companies and don’t believe in magical preparations and products, which are offered by them. They claim that a potential client may build 10 kg of lean body mass in 2 months and simultaneously shape the silhouette. It is simply impossible from the point of view of the functioning of the human organism. To build really good-quality muscle mass, we primarily need the proper amount of time. It cannot be skipped in any other way. In this situation, patience and training regularity will be the only rational solutions.

Proper training and diet are the basics of increasing muscle mass!
Proper training and diet are the basics of increasing muscle mass!uuppleme

Best training for building muscle mass

I believe that this is one of the key issues in the period of gaining muscle mass. Properly and individually customized training plan is a key to success. We should focus here first of all on compound exercises, which engage as many muscle groups as possible in one exercise and effectively build muscle strength. Weight progression training by training is also a very good solution. We should also take care about the proper length of breaks between sets, so that one training session doesn’t last too long. We also should not exaggerate with the number of series for a given muscle group, as sometimes our training is excessively elaborated and we are not able to regenerate properly. When preparing training plan, it is also worth considering the issue of short aerobic training sessions, immediately after strength training to accelerate regeneration processes of the organism.

Regeneration for building muscle mass

    Rest and regeneration are very important aspects while building muscle mass. During strength training, we damage our muscle fibers and lead to the so-called micro-damages, which we later need to “fix”, i.e. provide a proper amount of macronutrients to our muscle cells. The growth of muscle fibers takes place during rest. Contrary to appearances, it does not happen during training, as many people erroneously claim. Therefore, regeneration is an important an key element in this period. We should remember not only about the breaks between subsequent training sessions, but also about proper amount of sleep – around 8 hours a day should be sufficient, however, it is an individual matter.

    Supplementation for building muscle mass

      Undoubtedly supplementation is not indispensable, but after all it may be beneficial. For people who despite proper diet still have problems with gaining weight, protein-carbohydrate supplements will definitely be a great option to increase caloricity of a diet. They may be used both in the form of shakes and also as an additive to meals. Carbohydrate supplement will be an ideal complement of sugar level in blood right after strength training. It will immediately provide energy and accelerate regeneration of the organism. It is also worth reaching for creatine in this period, in the most classic version of monohydrate.

      Negative influence of alcohol on building muscle mass

      Alcohol in large amounts very negatively influences our progress in the period of gaining muscle mass. Our organism, instead of “handling” regeneration after tough training and prepare itself to the following training session has to first of all eliminate toxins in order to regain proper functions without any obstacles. Moreover, alcohol in any form inhibits the process of supplying muscle cells with nutrients and distorts the functions of our hormonal system mainly by limiting the production of natural testosterone. Certainly, we don’t need to quit alcohol in any form once and for all. One beer and a glass of dry wine from time to time will not do any harm. The key issue here is to do everything in moderation.

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