The perfect combination of zinc and magnesium


The rapid development of the supplement market has meant that today we have a huge selection of products that we can use strictly for our purpose. What's more, individual components are often combined into multi-component formulas, saving our time and, above all, money. One of such formulas is the recently popular supplement called ZMA. What is laying under these letters?

    ZMA is a combination of zinc (zinc - zinc), magnesium (magnesium - magnesium) and vitamin B6. It is not difficult to guess that the name ZMA comes from the combination of the first letters used in this component supplement. As ZMA is a multi-component supplement, its discussion should be based primarily on the approximation of the role of individual components, looking through the prism of the person practicing sports.

    Zinc is an element that plays a number of key roles in our body. It is needed primarily for the production of certain hormones, is essential in the metabolism process, plays a huge role in the aspect of our body's immunity due to participation in the formation of T lymphocytes. It also affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It is not difficult to guess that the deficiency of this element in our body can have deplorable effects.

    Magnesium is an element that is needed above all in the process of nerve conduction, muscle contraction and the work of our circulatory system. The deficiency of this element can be manifested by the vibrations of the eyelids, painful muscle contraction, heart problems, feelings of constant weariness and fatigue, and even anxiety. It should be added that the often neglected symptoms, such as sudden muscle spasms and the twitching of the eyelids, are a sign that our body is deficient in this valuable element.

    Vitamin B6 is an important element of ZMA as it participates in the formation of hormones, enzymes and hemoglobin. In addition, it affects the work of the heart, and above all, the regulation of blood pressure. Moreover, supplementation with vitamin B6 reduces the risk of diseases associated with the nervous system.

    Factors that accompany us in everyday life, i.e. stress, low-quality food intake, high amounts of caffeine, alcohol, high physical activity and a small amount of sleep effectively reduce the share of elements and vitamins in our body. It is important to respond in time to any symptoms of deficiency, and also to conduct a balanced diet. It should be remembered that the consumption of ZMA will effectively support us in this process.

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