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Thousands of crunches the best way to sexy ABS, lactic acid cause of soreness...There are many myths among people practicing sport.They often have so much in common with the truthas with the facts that women do not throw a hissy fit and do not like shopping.

So let’s see the 8 most popular nonsenses about training and let’s get them out of our heads!

  1. Lactic acid causes soreness. Musclespain, popularly called muscle sores, which we can feel the next day, are micro damages of muscles. Under the influence of increased physical activity muscle fibers get minor damages, the local inflammationappears, which causes pain.Then, in the regeneration process, the fibers become thickened and are more resilient.So this is a positive effect, because it is an evidence of properly conducted training.
  2. Crunches - the way to the beautiful abs. Dozens, even hundreds of crunches every day do not bring us closer even one step to a perfectly sculpted stomach.The muscles under the influence of this type of training can get strengthened orthickened.To show them, it is necessary to burn fat that covers them. So we are saying NO to the hundreds of crunches every day! I train my belly once a week and my abs are visible. Abs are mostly made in the kitchen!
  3. A large number of repetitions during reductionIt is one of the most copiedand yet most stupid myths that I have ever heard! There are rumors that while reducing weight and working on a sculpture of the body, you need to increase significantly the number of repetitions (15-20) and reduce weight. This method does not burn more fat than training with heavy weights with a small number of repetitions (5-8). Bigger weights are a greater burst of anabolic hormones, which helps in burning fat and keeping muscle mass. Large weights are better in every way than mythical large number of repetitions. 
  4. I ride a bike, run, so I do not have to train my legsLeg workout – the most hated workout for most people. A huge mistake! Not for nothing is said: train your legs, and your biceps will grow. Legs are the largest muscle group, their training causes the greatest biological response and that causes the growth of muscles in entire body.It guarantees a harmonious development. Cycling or running are aerobic exercises–that cause an increase in strength, but do not affect the muscles in such a way as weight training
  5. I can eat as much as I want, because I work out / go to the gym / trainUnfortunately, no. 70% of the effect depends on a good diet. If we train till we drop and eat as usual - greasy and sweet, there will be no effects. Exercises do not replace the diet –it is the most important thing. 
  6. Weighttraininghas no effect on reduction of body fat. During weight training lasting 30 minutes you will burn more calories than during cardio exercises performed at a steady pace. Intensive training with weight increases metabolism for a few hours after workout, so it burns more calories, although after cardio you feel more tired.
  7. The fat can turn into muscle. You cannot turn chicken meat into olive oil or nuts into beef. First, get rid of body fat, and then start to work on a muscles.
  8. Training with weights will turn you into a bodybuilderTestosterone is responsible for muscle growth, and women have it 20 times less than men. So you have to take a lot of supplements and use a lot of weights to have body like Pudzian.

The biggest nonsenses about the training have been disproved! And now, off you go for a workout!

Sandra Dominiuk,Personal trainer

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