Thermogenics – hot ally, or dangerous false-friend?


Thermogenics, or natural fat burners - action

Specially selected thermogenic compounds from plant foods strongly stimulate the metabolic activity of the body, stimulate the breakdown of fat tissue and increase the burning of its resources with a large dispersion of energy.

As a result, it accelerates metabolism, increases body temperature and reduces fat reserves. Under the influence of supplementation in the body metabolic changes occur, similar to those under the influence of active physical exercise.

Types of thermogenics

The following types of thermogenics are distinguished:

  • ephedrine - supports the reduction of adipose tissue
  • caffeine - enhances the power of ephedrine
  • green tea - green tea extract plays an important rol

In the process of slimming, you could also use:


Which supports the reduction of body fat, improves vitality and increases the body's energy reserves. CLA affects the direct reduction of stored fat and increases the production of energy derived from fatty acids


Which accelerates the final stage of fatty acid burning, finalizes the fat reduction process, improves efficiency.

Thermogenics - contraidctions

Of course, what can help can also harm. The key to the effective operation of thermogenic preparations lies in prudence and proper use. When you supplement your diet with these supplements, do not forget to balance it. Take care of the supply of vitamins and minerals. Please note that too frequent artificial introduction of the organism into thermogenesis and readiness sooner or later will disrupt hormone function and wreak havoc in the body.

There is also a danger associated with overdose of thermogenic substances. Adverse symptoms that may occur during excessive use of these substances are a slight increase in pressure and even a heart attack. Think about their continued use if you have experienced insomnia or excessive arousal. Even such seemingly non-thermogenic phenomena as diarrhea or rash are signs that these substances may be harmful to you.

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