Too much stress, worries, tension? Start using the rhodiola rosea!

Rhodiola rosea is experiencing a recent renaissance, mainly as a result of increased interest in adaptogens. It would be nice, however, to consider whether this plant really works, or if it’s another marketing ploy. And here, it’s distinguished by a very large number of good quality tests, clearly indicating its extensive adaptogenic action.

One of them was to check the effect of using a rhodiola rosea on indicators related to psychological comfort.

The study involved 101 people, aged 30 to 60 years, with clearly identified symptoms of excessive stress. Participants of the study received 200 mg of rhodiola rosea extract twice a day for 4 weeks.

Rhodiola reduced the intensity of each of the dozen of stress test studied, and improved the results of each index examined associated with psychological comfort throughout the duration of the study.

They were studied on many levels:Rhodiola

On the basis of the numerical scale - the study of tiredness, irritation, stress, lack of concentration, intensity of somatoform symptoms, reduction of life joy, and the feeling of being subjected to stress were examined. After the third day of application, a clear decrease in the intensity of stress symptoms by 2.5 points was observed, where after a 4-week study, the decrease was over 4.5 points. This means that the intensity of these symptoms has been reduced by up to half!

Based on a questionnaire containing 30 questions that concerned: feelings of unhappiness, worries, fatigue, tension, harassment and irritation. After 4 weeks of testing, all these factors decreased their intensity by up to 30%!

Based on the Sheehan disorder scale, relating to the inability to function properly in a family, social and work / school environment. Already after one week, a 50% decrease in abnormalities in these environments was observed, which additionally decreased after 4 weeks of the study.

Based on general feelings - 67% of respondents indicated a significant overall improvement in well-being

Based on the MFI-20, NCT and MDMQ indices, widely used in the assessment of the intensity of stress stimuli, cognitive functions and overall mood - in all the indices there was an improvement after only 3 days of use. Constant improvement took place throughout the entire study.

Taking into account the above-mentioned research results, it was found that rhodiola rosea, to a significant extent, is effective in improving the comfort of life in the face of stressful stimuli. In addition, it is completely safe.

In conclusion, rhodiola rosea turns out to be extremely effective in eliminating stress in almost all areas. It can be used by anyone who leads an intense lifestyle and in any case, this adaptogen will prove effective in reducing mental discomfort.

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