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Hunger and time

A natural indicator of the need to provide the body with energy is the feeling of hunger. It has always been a need that man has tried his best to fulfill because it could determine is actually alive. How is it now? You can buy fast food on every street, and stores are bursting with products filled with sugar. The feeling of hunger has almost disappeared because whenever we feel a sign that our stomach is bursting, we usually reach for whatever is easiest to find. Usually, it is some kind of cake, sweets or other easily available products.

How to avoid the trap of this world?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what hunger is. This feeling is a signal saying that our body needs nutrients. It is worth mentioning that nowadays food is unbelievably tasty. This is due to the fact that we often add a large number of food additives to our food. All this is done in order to make eating more enjoyable. This is where the problem begins because food is so good that often the feeling of hunger is replaced by the feeling of needing to eat something delicious.

Sometimes we eat for pleasure in company, pizza, and beer while watching a match, sometimes to escape from problems, or to make us feel better. These are behaviors that lead to addiction to pleasure food. Often people get stuck in such addictions without even realizing it, while their body feels worse and worse. So we should distinguish between real hunger and the need to eat something for pleasure.

Here are some tips to help you distinguish between a craving and a real hunger and to make sure that you do not overeat while eating so that you do not exceed your caloric needs and maintain a healthy body shape.

Only eat when you are physically hungry - before you put food in your mouth, take a moment to think if you are really hungry or if you are just doing it for your pleasure.

Use a watch - when you are not sure if you are really hungry, look at your watch and wait 15 minutes. Use this time to think if you are really hungry or if you want to eat something because you feel stressed or bored. Giving yourself time for such reflection will help you avoid the trap of impulsive eating.

When you eat, don't allow yourself to overeat - our body needs about 25 minutes for the brain to get the signal that you are already full, and you don't need any more food. How to deal with such a situation? Set aside 25 minutes for each meal. Even if you finish your meal earlier, wait until 25 minutes have passed and do not put anything more in your mouth. There is a good chance that after a quick meal you will feel hungry because this is how hunger works - it wants to provide us with energy and pushes us to eat more.

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