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Together with the new trend for healthy eating, there are products apparently healthy, that we should beware of as much as sinful sweets. What should we avoid in a healthy diet? Here are the popular dietary traps:

  1. Breakfast cereal

They’re seemingly healthy and lowcalorie. Chocolate cereal, honey cereal, or cereal with nuts are all sweetened products without much nutritional value. Not recommended are also cereal with “crunch”, as they have many calories as well as fats and sugar. Change this type of cereal for oatmeal. They have much less calories and are a very nutritious meal, which leaves the satiety feeling for a long time.

  1. Fruity yoghurts

Tasty yoghurts contain additional sugar, bah, tons of sugar! You’re eating a seemingly healthy fruity yoghurt? You might as well reach out for your favourite candy bar! The healthiest are natural yoghurts, to which, if we are fans of fruity yoghurts, we can add fresh or frozen fruits.

  1. “Dark” bread

The real and healthy bread should be hard, heavy and “moist”. The soft, fluffy dark bread is flavoured with caramel, so it seems like it’s the healthy replacement to get us to buy the “fraudulent” bread.

  1. Flavoured mineral water

Do you drink flavoured water? You might as well reach out for the fizzy, full of sugar popular drinks, because flavoured water contains just as much sugar! In addition to that, it lacks vitamins and minerals. To add some flavour to your water, you can add some freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice.

  1. Fruit juice

Those available in cartons are usually additionally sweetened. In addition to that, they contain synthetic vitamins and a lot of preservatives. A much healthier option is a freshly squeezed juice.

  1. Light sweets

Instead of sugar, they contain sweetener. However, they still contain cocoa butter, and that means that the chocolate or candy bar light are still hard to digest and high-calorie.

  1. Fat free yoghurt 0%

Fat in milk or yoghurt is needed in at least a symbolic amount, because vitamins such as A, D, E and K are digested only when they are accompanied by it. Warning! By only eating fat free dairy products, we can fall into a vicious circle, because instead of having one normal yoghurt we indulge in eating a few of the ones that say “0%”.

A good habit: Milk and yoghurts that are at least 0,5%, and add at least a teaspoon of olive oil to salads.

In summary, you’re trying to lose weight and it’s just standing still? Have a closer look at your diet and check if you didn’t end up in one of the diet traps. Light products, low carb, promoted as healthy and with a goal to keep your beautiful figure are usually products, which are not helping us with losing weight, and can even damage your health. Eat with your head!


Sandra Dominiuk Personal Trainer


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