What to do to feel light and beautiful?

Diet affects not only the appearance, but also our well-being. After all, everyone prefers to feel light and healthy than having a feeling of heaviness, which we usually get alongside an incorrectly arranged menu.

    5 meals

    Eating five meals a day is a recipe for a beautiful figure and well-being. They should be consumed at intervals of 2.5-3 hours. Meals cannot be too bulky - otherwise such nutrition will not make sense and instead of losing weight, we will gain uncessesary kilograms.

    What will we gain by eating five meals? First of all, we will avoid a sudden feeling of hunger and a desire to snack between meals. It is these seemingly small and innocent snacks that often clog the stomach and cause a feeling of heaviness.


    Instead of drinking sweet juices and sodas, it’s better to reach for water. This fluid is a natural component of our body, so it only affects it positively. Importantly - water has no calories. It accelerates fat burning, and also fills the stomach, so we will be able to avoid snacking more easily, which will certainly help us fight the feeling of heaviness and feel light.

    Green tea

    This type of tea has special health properties. In addition, the tea itself (like water) has no calories. It cleanses the body of toxins and hydrates it. Thanks to this, metabolism accelerates and the feeling of heaviness disappears. Do you want to feel light and look good? Reach for green tea! Just remember that it’s best not to sweeten it, and instead of sugar you can add lemon juice and ginger.


    Fruits contain a lot of water, so thanks to them we will hydrate the body. They are also not very caloric, so instead of sweet snacks it is worth reaching for some fruit. Watermelons, oranges and tangerines have the highest water content. In addition, the fruits provide us with vitamins that are crucial for the proper functioning of the entire body. Vitamin C, which we find in many of them, helps cleanse the body of toxins and protects against free radicals. These compounds are often the reason for too slow metabolism and heaviness.

    Lean meat

    Instead of fatty sausages or pork chops in a thick coating, it is better to reach for lean chicken meat. The chicken breast will be great addition to your diet, and it can be used in many tasty recipes. Grilling or cooking it does not take away the taste, unless we marinate the meat properly, and at the same time do not add unnecessary calories. Meat is essential in the diet because it is the best source of protein. In contrast, protein helps us to burn fat faster.


    Breakfast should be the basis of every menu. This meal should be consumed at the latest one hour after waking up. Why we shouldn’t forget about it? Breakfast gives us energy for the whole day. In addition, people who eat breakfast consume less calories for the rest of the day than people who avoid it.

    Food quality

    Instead of poisoning the body with fast-food meals dripping with fat and being a caloric bomb, it is better to prepare food by yourself. It is also worth reading the labels, because behind the word “natural” or “organic” there is often a lot of food chemistry. Unhealthy, caloric and processed meals are not only bad for the figure, but also cause a feeling of heaviness.

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