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Fighting sports gain more and more supporters - their popularity makes the training rooms bursting at the seams. Regardless of the choice you need to remember - martial arts build self-confidence, character and great influence on the figure. The golden rule is not to use the acquired skills for private purposes. In addition to the room and the ring, the only acceptable form of using martial arts is self-defense. In this article you will have the chance to learn basic information about some of the most popular disciplines. What martial sport to choose and what to do during this choice?

Fighting sports - basic information

Combat sports is a very interesting way to train your entire body as well as develop the motor features of the body. What effects can this type of training bring? Who should be interested in them?


The effects of martial arts training depend on the athlete's predispositions as well as on his involvement.

At the beginning, it must be said that this kind of effort is very demanding. For this reason, the main effect is the improvement of fitness and weight loss - many people sign up for martial arts just to lose weight.

Another very important thing is the improvement of motor coordination, as well as shortening the reaction time. The neural connection between the brain and the muscles is improved.

Martial arts release and improve the original instincts, making the training people more confident. They can better assess the surroundings and notice more details. Because of that, they are calmer and less aggressive in everyday life. They unload anger and bad emotions in the training room.

The concentration is also improving, because martial arts trainings, as well as muscles, engage the mind.

Another very important effect of martial arts training is the improvement of the figure appearance, which becomes naturally athletic. Trainings focus on building the overall fitness of the body, which results in an improvement in both strength and speed. The acquired skills will also prove effective in self-defense, and this is a very important skill these days.

Who is fighting sports for?  

Martial arts can be practiced by everyone without exception. There are cases of people on the trolley boxing and even fighting. In the same way people with cerebral palsy who have mobility problems.

This means that literally every person can try their hand at martial arts. It is obvious that not everyone will become players, professionals or world champions. However, you can train practicing at any age. A good trainer knows how to choose both the intensity of training and its duration and the type of exercise to be performed individually for each person. Even during group training, the trainer pays more attention to the people who need it most.

Which martial sport to choose?  

In this paragraph we will focus on the types of combat sports. Which one to choose for yourself?


Boxing, or a noble fencing fencing, has a very beautiful history and tradition. It is an Olympic sport that requires enormous skills and cunning. In boxing, the most important rule is to strike a blow and not accept it yourself. Once it was a way of solving problems, today the best-paid combat sport enjoying the interest of fans around the world.

In the boxing of an attack, we only deal with our hands in a strictly defined way. You can not beat in the back of the head, back and below the waist.

All these rules make boxing today a relatively safe contact sport. It is also important that contrary to popular opinion, the legs on which we are constantly working, causing blows, making evasions and feints to confuse the opponent are more important than hands in the box.

Boxing is also a combat sport, on which a lot of kick-boxing or MMA are based.

Kick Boxing  

However, this is not an Olympic sport, which significantly reduces its popularity. Nevertheless, it is worth to learn the story of Marek Piotrowski and see his fights. Many people will love this sport by watching an outstanding champion in action.

Kick boxing allows kicks in addition to  boxing punches. It will be a good choice for people who want to learn how to use their legs in combat.


Karate is quite a popular sport, especially among parents who write their kids to the first martial arts activities. Karate is not only a way to defeat the opponent but also a way of self-development.

Different styles of karate use a differently human body. The impacts here, however, are completely different than in boxing or kick boxing. In karate, great attention is paid to accuracy and technique as well as control.

It will be a good choice for people who want to learn how to control themselves, and by the way prefer calmer methods of training. This does not mean, however, that this sport is not demanding.


Wresting is the second Olympic sport in this ranking. Like the boxing, they have a history that goes back to antiquity. They are based on melee combat and various types of throws, knockdowns and ground fight.

In the classic style, grasping only above the belt is allowed. In the free style, you can grab the opponent's legs too.


MMA, or mixed martial arts, has become very popular in recent years. Players fighting in this formula are modern gladiators. During the fight boxing, kicking and wrestling techniques are used. You can put the opponent on the levers and hit him with elbows and knees. The fight takes place both on the stand and on the ground.

It must be admitted that MMA is the biggest challenge in terms of learning a wide range of techniques that are present in it. Once a martial arts confrontation occurred when people from different disciplines wanted to check each other. Today, we can find MMA schools, in which we will learn to everything.

This sport is the most devastating for health in terms of combat. It is also the most versatile and is a great choice for people who want to learn self-defense in different situations and want to feel like a real warrior.

Sport just for you  

The sport of the fight, which is most often recommended, is boxing. Why? Because it will be the perfect basis for anyone who wants to expand their horizons. Many people will fall in love with him, however, so much that he will stay at the fistfuls. Regardless of the choice, it is worth going to the training of various disciplines and deciding on the basis of your own experience, not the opinions and suggestions of other people. Of course, this is not a rule that you have to stick to - from this list of fighting sports everyone will surely choose the best one for themselves.


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