Why are we getting fat? The answer is simple!

You lose weight, you also try to exercise regularly, but instead of losing weight, you get fat and sometimes at an accelerating rate. You ask yourself - why are you fat actually? Here are the answers to your dilemmas. If you follow these tips - instead of gaining weight, you will start to lose weight!

The most common reason for uncontrolled weight gain - bad eating habits

It is very difficult to get rid of habits, especially when it comes to our eating habits. An example would be, for example, snacking between meals or choosing specific, unhealthy food products.

The most often bad eating habits are:

Not eating breakfast

A well-composed morning meal is very important for our body because it provides it with energy for the whole morning and often for a significant part of the afternoon. Many people replace breakfast only with a cup of coffee and a sweet muffin or a small cereal bar. This is not a good solution, because during the day the body will demand an additional portion of energy, which is associated with hearty lunches and dinners. And as you know, meals eaten in the afternoon are digested longer and most of them accumulate in the form of fat, and thus - we are getting additional fat tissue.

Snacking between meals

This is a small dietary sin for most of us. This is all the worse because during such snacking we often reach for unhealthy sweets or salty snacks. It is they that contribute significantly to weight gain

Irregular meals

if you eat meals irregularly, your body becomes less stable and cannot work optimally. Despite our feelings, our body highly prefers concrete routine especially in case of meals. Disturbing it can result in the slow down of metabolism. Also, remember that too long breaks between meals can result in hunger pangs, and you probably know how they end.

Shopping when you are feeling hungry

Specialists point out that when we go shopping before eating, we buy more products that we do not need. Such supplies must, of course, be eaten so we don’t throw them out. So we eat more, and this results in additional weight gain.

Why are we getting fat? What else affects weight gain?

Weight gain can also be affected by the quality of food consumed. We often reach for processed products, because it’s easier and faster to prepare them. However, it is much tastier and healthier to prepare a whole meal yourself. For example, instead of ready-made spaghetti sauce from a jar let’s buy actual tomatoes and use them to prepare an aromatic and healthy dish.

The reason for gaining weight can also be the wrong amount of meals. Most of us are used to eat 3 meals a day when actually there should be 5 in properly selected proportions. Breakfast should be from 25 to 30% of the full-day energy value, dinner just slightly less, from 20 to 25%, and lunch the most from 30 to 35%. In turn, lunch and afternoon tea meal should have a symbolic value of 5 to 10% of this value.

Another mistake is eating too large dinners immediately before going to bed. In this situation, the digestive system works much slower, and thus, in the morning we feel sluggish.

The cause of weight gain may also be the lack of the right amount of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. These are products rich in vitamins, containing a lot of valuable fibre and low calories. However, be careful with fruits. In the end, they contain a significant amount of simple sugars, so you shouldn’t overdo here too!

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