Why is it worth eating oatmeal? What is their nutritional value?


In oatmeal, we can find a treasury of B vitamins, which are needed for the proper functioning of the brain. Besides, they are a source of vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and folic acid. It should also be mentioned that they are a good protein source for vegans. Among the cereals, oats are the richest in protein.

The fibre in oat flakes

Oat flakes are also one of the best sources of dietary fibre, mainly its soluble fraction. This type of fibre shows, among other things, prebiotic and anticancer properties, contributes to the regulation of blood sugar levels and lowers the level of so-called bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Oatmeal is filling and protect against hunger pangs.

Due to the high dose of fibre, oatmeal provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety. Under the influence of fluids, the fibres swell in the stomach. This result in an extended feeling of satiety, which prevents snacking between meals.

Oatmeal cooked with the water or milk will therefore be an excellent choice for breakfast. Furthermore, if we add any additional protein-rich food to the oatmeal (like soya chips), we will increase the satiety index even more.

In a daily diet, oatmeal mixed with natural yoghurt or other fermented milk products is particularly recommended. To diversify the taste of a meal, it is worth adding your favourite fruits, which will increase its nutritional value all the more.

Oatmeal prevents constipation

Oatmeal on water or milk is a great idea for people struggling with constipation. Due to the fact that oatmeal is a product of whole grain, their consumption accelerates the passage of the nutritional content. The intestines work more efficiently, so regular and easy emptying is possible.

Of course, mountain oatmeal will be the best, because it is in them that contains more fibre and valuable ingredients. These flakes are not subject to the process of grinding, and the less cleaned and processed cereal product, the healthier it is.

Oatmeal is good for slimming.

Oatmeal, due to its high nutritional value, is one of the most recommended meals in any weight-loss diet plan. Oatmeal is a long-filling meal, moreover, it supports the digestive tract, which is very important in the journey for a slim figure.

Besides, oatmeal, like other raw cereal products, is a source of complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels steady and do not cause blood sugar spikes. This prevents hunger attacks and the appetite for unhealthy snacks.

Oatmeal helps to cleanse the organism

As mentioned, eating oatmeal accelerates the peristaltic movements of the intestines and thus improves bowel movement. It also binds harmful substances and allows the easier excretion of them. In this way, it is possible to get rid of unnecessary metabolites together with faeces and regularly cleanse the body.

The lack of food residues in the intestines, as well as toxic compounds which often accompanies them, improves the general condition of the body. Therefore, oatmeal is particularly recommended in detoxifying diets.

Oatmeal reduces cholesterol levels.

Impact of cholesterol level is related to the presence of beta-glucan in its grains, which contributes to a decrease in total cholesterol, its LDL fraction and triglycerides in the blood. It is these fractions that are responsible for cardiovascular diseases.

Regular consumption of oatmeal improves the lipid profile of the blood while protecting against various diseases associated with high cholesterol.

Oatmeal regulates blood sugar levels.

Normalization of blood glucose level is another advantage of oatmeal due to high fibre content. By creating sticky gels in the digestive tract, it reduces the absorption of sugar from food.

In addition, oatmeal increases insulin sensitivity, so it is especially recommended for people with diabetes.

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