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WPH – operation and advantages

WPH is a hydrolyzate, i.e. a protein obtained by hydrolysis.It has excellent quality, high amino acid content and very good digestibility as compared to WPC and WPI.The protein content in nutrients is even 100%.

The pickling time is between 0.2 and 0.5 hours. Although they are relatively expensive, they are certainly worth the price. This protein of dairy origin is used by athletes in various disciplines. Through the hydrolysis process, long peptide chains break down into shorter ones, hence the good properties of these nutrients.

WPH operation

WPH is a whey protein that is the perfect complement to the diet, but it is not a way to provide protein.It occurs in the best form and therefore it is best absorbed. The protein builds muscles, so thanks to this you can increase muscle mass, while reducing body fat and leading to muscle regeneration after exercise.

When and for whom WPH?

It is recommended to use WPH during recovery periods, around training time and in the morning. They are not a form of snack when we do not eat, but only a complement to a balanced diet. It is recommended that they be used by professional and strength athletes, because they help to achieve better achievements, as well as carry out more effective processes of muscle regeneration after exercise.

Dosing of WPH

The main advantages of using WPH are their high absorbability and digestibility. They have very good anabolic effects, are highly soluble and are suitable for allergy sufferers and for people who have digestive problems. They contain 100% pure protein content. They have very low fat and lactic sugar content. The downside is that they are relatively expensive. It is recommended to take a portion of 30 g 1-3 times a day by dissolving in 150 ml of water or milk and drinking between meals.

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