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WPI – action and dosage

WPI is a whey protein isobath which, compared to WPC, has been subjected to a greater amount of filtration than the concentrate during so-called microfiltration of cross flow.

Thanks to such methods, we obtain a pure preparation with an increased content of peptides, with a better amino acid profile and reduced amounts of fats and sugars. WPI as a conditioner is well absorbed, easily digestible and has a high biological value. The protein content is about 95%, the digestion time is about 0.5-1 hours, it is recommended to use in the morning, before and after training, and the absorption itself is from 30-60 minutes.

Operation of the WPI

The main assumption in the use of nutrients having in its composition whey protein, is to supplement the caloric balance of the athlete's diet. Of course, this is not the main source of protein delivery, but only its replenishment. Protein builds muscles, so the action of the WPI aims to increase muscle mass, reduce fat tissue, regenerate muscles after training, and to strengthen immunity due to its good effect on the immune system.

What works and who is it for?

WPI is certainly a very good solution for athletes and for bodybuilders who want to gain more protein in their diet.Due to the fact that they contain limited amounts of sugars and fats are a very good option for people who are allergic to milk sugar.

The main advantages of using the WPI are, among others, very good absorption, adequate anabolic action, many different flavors that dissolve very well. This type of whey protein is ideal for beginner athletes.We have a large amount of protein here without any additional substances. The protein is ideal for muscle building and regeneration after training. Whey protein has a high content of essential amino acids, which the body does not produce itself, and which must be delivered with food.

Dosing of the WPI

When it comes to dosage, the amount depends, among other things, on the caloric balance of each person, and more specifically on the amount of protein taken. It is recommended to use such a nutrient in the morning or in the pores around training. Taking into account the demand in the diet, athletes take a dose of 33 g 1-3 times a day. When reducing fat, it is worth dissolving them in water, not in milk.

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