WPI vs WPH – which is better?


Which protein supplement?

In the world of supplementation there are many debates on “what is better?”. Among the most fierce discussion we would enumerate definitely the argument confrontation regarding the effectiveness of whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein hydrolysate (WPH). The first issue that comes to mind is digestibility and absorption rate. It seems that WPH and WPI have similar rate of emptying the stomach. In spite of that, it is believed that the digestibility of hydrolyzed protein and its utilization are bigger. The effectiveness of the products in question does not only depend on the absorption rate of particular components, but most importantly on the type of these components (WPI is protein, WPH is its cut up structure in the form of peptides). For WPI bigger branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) growth has been noticed in general in the bloodstream. Nonetheless, what is interesting, the growth of sole leptin, the most anabolic from amino acids (one of the BCAA amino acids) seems to be bigger for WPH. WPH is additionally characterized by big and long-lasting insulin burst (anabolic hormone – supporting or even forcing the processes of new proteins and glycogen creation). Turning all of this into practice, it has been proven that WPH increases the recovery of isometric strength moment after previously done eccentric exercise faster than WPI. With the participation of a mouse it was determined that delayed fatigue comes along with falling cell masses – the more cut up protein, the longer the mice swam. In addition, it is worth mentioning that WPH turned out to be more effective in preventing colorectal cancer development in comparison to whey protein.

How does it relate to physically active people?

Both WPI and WPH belong to fast absorbing proteins. WPH, for this moment, because of partial digestion requiring smaller energy load in digestive processes, solid insulin burst, prolonged training time or faster strength recovery seems to be a better around-training supplement. WPI in turn may be a good and cheaper alternative for other parts of the day.

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