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Estrogenex Depot Estrogenex Depot 90 tab.
39.32 $

Estrogenex Depot 90 tab.

Servings: 90 tab.
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  • Eliminates the risk of development of gynecomastia
  • Increases the amount of free testosterone
  • Supports the reduction of the adipose fat
  • Accelerates the growth of muscle tissue
  • Improves libido and sexual functions
  • Works like an aromatase inhibitor
  • Decreases the effects of cortisol
  • Reduces the action of estrogen
  • Regulates testosterone levels
  • Minimizes water retention

HI-TECH Estrogenex Depot is a multi-ingredient dietary supplement with an extremely strong anti-estrogenic effect. It contains a patented blend of ingredients, which includes, among others: extracts from Brassaiopsis glomerulata and a common nettle, 7,8 - benzoflavone and epiandrosterone. The use of the preparation helps both to reduce the level and stop the growth of estrogen in the body, as well as to optimize the content of testosterone.

While using hormonal agents which increase the level of testosterone, the body automatically activates an enzyme called aromatase, which converts the excess androgens to estrogens. Substances called aromatase inhibitors limit the activity of these transformations and are used to prevent the negative effects of using anabolic steroids such as gynecomastia, increased water retention or the increase of excessive body fat. Estrogenex Depot acts as an aromatase inhibitor and helps to reduce these effects while also raising the level of free testosterone.

Common nettles contain lectins and polysaccharides that have an inhibitory effect on excessive aromatase activity. Such properties are helpful during cycles using anabolic-androgenic agents. In addition, phytoestrogens contained in the nettle have the ability to level the concentration of SHGB - a protein that binds sex hormones and makes them inactive. This property may be useful in the regulation of disorders resulting from deficiency of sex hormones.

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata is a shrub containing a number of natural aromatase inhibitors. The extract of this plant, during a study in which it was compared with the most popular prescription drug containing an aromatase inhibitor, did not show any statistical difference in the inhibition of this enzyme.

There is evidence to suggest that oral supplementation of 7, 8-benzoflavone allows to balance the internal level of sex hormones and increase testosterone levels, without raising the amount of estrogen. This property proves to be very beneficial after the end of the cycle using hormonal agents, when there is a high level of estrogen. Another advantage of the substance is that it reduces the level of cortisol, which acts catabolically on skeletal muscles. In addition, 7, 8-Benzoflavone can improve the length and quality of sleep.

Epiandrosterone, also called epi-andro, is an androgenic steroid hormone that converts to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is a male sex hormone that increases strength and helps maintain muscle mass. What is more, DHT supports the inhibition of estrogen metabolism in the body, thanks to which it can cause the impression of a defined look. Another advantage is the ability to bind to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which leads to a higher concentration of free testosterone.

In summary, HI-TECH Estrogenex Depot is a dietary supplement the action of which is strongly focused on increasing the level of natural testosterone while protecting against its adverse changes. The use of the preparation allows for effective promotion of muscle tissue growth, loss of the excess fat tissue and improvement of libido and sexual functions.

The product can be used during cycles using anabolic-androgenic agents aiming at reducing the retention of water, eliminating the risk of gynecomastia development and maintaining a healthy sex drive. The product is also perfectly suited as an independent suplement or a component of post-cycle therapy (PCT) in order to regulate hormone management.

Directions for use
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Container size: 90 tabletsServing size: 1 tabletServings per container: 90
per 1 tabletamount%DV
Proprietary Blend625mg **
Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Extract (leaves)
N-Benzoyl-L-Phenylalanine Methyl Ester
7, 8-Benzoflavone
Coumestrol Dimethyl Ether
Stinging Nettle Extract (Standardized to 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran and Silica)(leaves)
Muira Puama 20:1 Extract (Root)
Naringen (Fruit)

Other ingrednients

Dextrose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Starch, Triacetin, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6

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Proprietary blend


Proprietary blend - is a complex of bioactive ingredients in the proportions, which are covered by the manufacturer's patent. According to the law in force in Poland, the components of the blend are known, and , by the place on the packaging, you can identify which components are in bigger amount (the components are listed in the decreasing order of amounts).
Proprietary blends are used in many food supplements, such as creatine stacks, no-boosters, fat burners and pro-testosterone supplements, improving libido.




Alanine is an endogenous amino acid (i.e. having the ability to synthesize the human body other amino acids and pyruvate), building up protein. It has a key role in the transport of nitrogen between the muscles and the liver (i.e. Cahill cycle). It allows to transform glucose in non-sugar compounds. During prolonged exercise it enhances metabolism. It occurs in products of animal origin (meat, dairy, eggs) and vegetable origins (legumes, peas). It is used in the form of amino acid supplements in pre- and post-workout preparations. It complements the BCAA. Increased use of supplements with alanine is required in athletic training when high strength and endurance is required (e.g. weights lifting athletes marathon runners etc.).




Indol-3-carbinol is an organic compound which is created with myrosinase-treated glucosinolates. A source of its natural form are: vegetables (such as brussels sprout, broccoli, cauliflower). It shows the effect of reducing estrogen levels (particularly important for athletes called strength athletes, helps to improve the aesthetics of the body and body shaping), binds free oxygen radicals and cleanses the body by removing the metabolism debris out the body. It is used as a supplement to help to fight against cancer and by athletes and people with high mental and physical activity. It is available as mono-preparation supplements and complex herbal supplements (including combined with natural extracts of Tribulus and ginseng) in programs for aesthetics of the body.
Dosage: 50-120 mg daily (as customary in sports supplementation).




Beta-sitosterol belongs to phytosterols (plant origin) having a chemical structure resembling cholesterol. Taken in appropriate doses, affect cholesterol levels, resulting in slow absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to the impact on the level of sex hormones, it is used in the prevention treatment of prostate, baldness, useful in enhancing the endurance and athletic recovery. Probably increases anabolic testosterone. It is widely used in sports supplementation. It is a component of herbal mixtures and vitamin and mineral supplements, pro-health supplements, so-called. testosterone boosters, fat burners.


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