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Iodoral IOD-50  Iodoral IOD-50 90 tab.
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Iodoral IOD-50

Servings: 90 tab.

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  • Contains inorganic iodine in the form of potassium iodide and in unbound form
  • General support for the work of the thyroid and endocrine system
  • Influences the proper functioning of the central nervous system
  • Helps to maintain proper energy metabolism
  • Aids in optimal thyroid hormone production
  • Supports the hydro-electrolyte management
  • 50 mg of elemental iodine in 1 tablet

Optimox Iodoral IOD-50 is a highest quality diet supplement which can be characterized by high iodine content in its watery form and in inorganic form of potassium iodide. This formulation supports the thyroid hormone synthesis and helps to restore optimal function of the thyroid gland. 

Inorganic iodine is especially recommended in the case of thyroid disorders, since in this form, iodine is indeed absorbed by thyroid and used to produce its hormones. 

Iodine is a trace element indispensable for the proper organism functioning. Its correct supply is essential for, among others, proper operation of thyroid, pituitary gland, heart, muscle and kidneys. Iodine deficiency may lead to thyroid disorders – mainly hypothyroidism which results mostly in the body’s mass increase, lowering the body’s temperature, feeling of cold, lethargy, dry, flaky skin. The deficit of this element may also be a root cause of psychomotor disorders (deterioration of memory and concentration).

Many of us are convinced that the bioavailability of iodine is not related to its intake form. It is commonly head, that at the sea or in mountains, due to the high iodine concentration in the air, local residents do not suffer from its deficiency. Unfortunately, it is an often repeated myth, because the most bioavailable form of this element are iodide salts, large amounts of which are in fact at the coast, but cumulated in the sea water. Despite the implemented iodine prophylaxis, the deficiency of this element is still a common problem, also in Europe.

The ideal way to supply iodine is the consumption of sea fish, other alternative is iodized salt. It should be taken under consideration that seafood are very expensive and the consumption of salt should be limited to 5 grams per day. In this situation, the formulations which contain highly bioavailable forms of this element come to our aid.

Proper functioning of endocrine system
Iodine consumed orally is almost fully bioavailable (absorption form the digestive tract is on a 80-92% level). After reaching the bloodstream iodine ions are absorbed by a special protein - sodium-iodine symporter in thyroid cells. It is responsible for the iodine transfer from blood to the insides of the thyroid follicular cells which main function is to produce hormones. 

In a multistage process, during which organolysis of iodine (its incorporation into tyrosine residues in thyroglobulin) occurs, the hormones are created – triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), which control the organism’s metabolism. The latter is synthesized in considerably higher quantity and is less metabolically active. It is a specific system protection form excessive increase of metabolic rate. 

The availability of the active triiodothyronine is regulated by the target tissues through the content of deiodinases which convert T4 to T3. Its activity is dropping i. a. while conducting long reduction cycles, that is why it is important to properly take care of the endocrine system.  

Not only metabolism
On a molecular level, T3 and T4 intensify the synthesis of respiratory chain proteins in cells. To put it in a simple words, their activity is responsible for the increase of oxygen, glucose and fatty acids (form the food or fat tissue) consumption, which leads to energy gain.

In the deficiency state these processes are inhibited, and the excess energy is being stored in the fat tissue, however when the thyroid hormones concentration is increased, the burning processes are intensified and aside from the energy production there is also increased heat production. This results in the release of fatty acids directly form the fat tissue, since the cells are in an energy deficit state. 

The right amount of iodine, as well as the availability of thyroid hormones, is also necessary for the proper formation of nervous cells, taking part in theirs myelination. Iodine is an element that helps to maintain adequate intellectual and mental fitness. 

Thyroid hormones also participate in the regulation of hydro-electrolyte management, supporting the calcium absorption and bone tissue mineralization. Deficiencies in this area result in the occurrence of edema and excessive bone fragility.

To sum up, Optimox Iodoral IOD-50 is a diet supplement, which helps to fill up the iodine deficiency. This formulation can be an effective support for the thyroid functioning and moreover, the whole organism. It is recommended especially in the case of increased risk of iodine deficiency and to people struggling with thyroid disorders, particularly targeted at its hypothyroidism.

Directions for use
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Container size: 90 tabletsServing size: 1 tabletServings per container: 90
per 1 tabletamount%DV
Total Iodine/Iodide50 mg33332%
Iodine20 mg*
Iodide (as potassium salt)30 mg*

Other ingrednients

Micosolle®, a silica based excipient containing a non-ionic surfactant, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearins and pharmaceutical glaze.

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Iodine - more than two-thirds of iodine is stored in the thyroid gland and it is a component produced by it hormones - thyroxine and triiodothyronine, which are essential in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals and regulating the processes of growth, causing it usefulness in sports supplementation. It is also the ingredient of weight loss products. Regulates and controls body temperature. Natural source of acquisition of iodine are: bladderwrack, seafood, sea fish and onion and vegetables growing in soil containing this element and most of all iodized salt ..
Deficiency of iodine in the body cause hypothyroidism, and consequently overweight, mental slowing (cretinism inclusive). It
is the cause of a goitre. Iodine deficiency can be caused by rhodanates and polyphenols (e.g. contained in cabbage and cauliflower), hemagglutinin found in legumes.
Excess iodine can result in inhibition of thyroid hormone synthesis (this
happens in a small percentage of cases).
Dosage: Treatment of iodine should be done under medical supervision. Daily demand for adults is 150 mcg. For pregnant women daily demand increases to 175 mcg.




Potassium and sodium regulate the body's water resources, ensuring normal heart rhythm. Maintaining the proper level of potassium provides the proper oxidation of the brain, lowers blood pressure, increases the permeability of cell membranes (as an antagonist of calcium). It is a base-forming element. It is widely used in sports diet before and after training in the form of supplements, nutrients, vitamin-mineral preparations and minerals, concentrates and ready, isotonic and hypertonic beverages. Natural sources of acquisition of potassium are: vegetable products (bananas, citrus fruits, melons, mint leaves, green vegetables, potatoes) and animal products (sea fish, meat). Potassium is present in the form of organic compounds: citric acids, and fumarates gluconates and inorganic (chlorides, sulfates, oxides and carbonates).
Potassium deficiency (hypokalemia): excessive tiredness, headaches and irritability, problems with sleeping, muscle cramps, constipation. Potassium levels may drop sharply in the event of a reduction in blood sugar levels, prolonged starvation, severe diarrhea. They can occur when too much of strong coffee is consumed, with alcohol abuse and when eating too much sweets.
The excess of potassium (hyperkalemia) is often the cause of depression, hypotension, tingling in the extremities.




Salt (sodium chloride, or table salt), natural source of electrolytes (chlorine and potassium), regulating water and electrolyte and acid-base balance of the body, affecting the nervous system and blood pressure. Sodium is an essential element for the proper growth. The proper dose of salt prevents overheating of the body and solar stroke. It provides the proper functioning of muscles and nerves the body. Chlorine in combination with sodium, is involved in the digestive process and maintains acid-base balance in the body, as antitoxin removes toxic products of metabolism in the liver. Salt is a flavour component and preservative of many foods, nutritional supplements and mixtures of electrolytes, available at

Dosage: no specific standards of consumption, used so as to provide sufficient amount of electrolytes to the body (sodium and chloride).


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