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Hyaluronic Acid Double Strength 100mg Hyaluronic Acid Double Strength 100mg 60 caps.
Now Foods
22.33 $

Hyaluronic Acid Double Strength 100mg 60 caps.

From 3 units only 21.88 $ /Units.

No GMO Vegetarian Vegan For halal
22.33 $With VAT
0.37 $ / serving
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  • A strong dose of hyaluronic acid
  • Enriched proline and alpha-lipoic acid
  • Contains polyphenols from grape seed extract
  • Supports the structure of the connective tissue
  • Regenerates articular cartilage
  • Fights free radicals and inflammation
  • Prevents skin imperfections
  • Strengthens the structure of hair and nails
  • Prevents wrinkles and firms the skin
  • Shortens the recovery post-traumatic period

Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid is a dietary supplement containing a composition of bioactive components that support the structure of the connective tissue, and regulate the level of free radicals in the body. A hyaluronic acid and proline strengthen the structure of the skin tissue and the cartilage, and a alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and polyphenols, contained in an extract of grape seed, reduce inflammations and is a strong antioxidant.

Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) – it is present in all living organisms; It consists of acetylglucosamine and a glucuronic acid; It belongs to the glycosaminoglycans (GAG), ie. polysaccharide, which are structural components of living organisms. It is an axle on which bind proteoglycans to form with them "aggregates of proteoglycans", which form the basic substance (taking the form of a gel) in the connective tissue responsible (present, among others, in the dermis) and the cartilage, which fills the articular surfaces, prevents attrition of bone, is resistant to friction, and facilitates sliding. Thanks to this structure, it allows the fluid to circulate tissue, which has a nutritional impact on the cells of these tissues.

Features of macromolecules of proteoglycans in the body:
Proteoglycans and a hyaluronic acid are components of a intercellular space (matrix), where they serve many important functions:
- hydrate tissue, giving it the correct voltage
- have gelling properties, so that capture particles
- as a non-collagenous proteins, they form the structure of bones
- influence the compressibility of cartilage
- specifically interact with collagens and elastin

Hyaluronic acid for firm and smooth skin
A hyaluronic acid is a compound which binds water in the dermis. In young skin there is plenty of it to ensure its resilience and lack of wrinkles, but with age, the amount of the acid decreases. Human skin aging, has lost the ability to bind water and wrinkles are formed, so appropriate supplementation of the hyaluronic acid can eliminate wrinkles, smooth the skin, as well as to restore its normal flexibility and humidity.

What’s more, the hyaluronic acid has anti-inflammatory properties, it stabilizes the structure of the skin tissue, stimulating its regeneration, and increasing flexibility. It improves the migration of nutrients from the extracellular fluid into the cells in these tissues, which delays aging, prevents exudation and edema formation, and also accelerates the regression of acne such as spots, discolorations or uneven skin.

Hyaluronic acid for healthy joints
The hyaluronic acid is one of the components responsible for the intra-articular viscosity of the fluid – it is a major component of synovial fluid, ie. a substance that is intended to reduce friction in the joints, by lubrication at the cartilage. It is responsible for the viscosity of synovial fluid, the diffusion of nutrients and nutrition of cartilage, and is a buffer that protects cells from mechanical crushing.

In the form of sodium hyaluronate it is widely used in orthopedic medicine, and in the treatment of joint pain, for example, intraarticular damages, and degenerative changes of production. It improves the mobility and the mobility of a degenerated joints, and streamlines the process of nutrition of the articular cartilage, so patients do not feel so much pain during movement and perform equal tasks.

Proline – an endogenous amino acid, one of the essential amino acids building protein. As a result of the conversion (carried out with the participation of vitamin C) and hydroxyproline, is the building block of collagen (connective tissue basic protein). Ii influences positively the  movement especially in people exposed to an overload (eg. strength and endurance sports athletes), and during rehabilitation after injury, or surgery performed on motor organs.

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) – it belongs to the substance to vitamins and scavengers (acceptors) of free radicals, so substances which readily react with free radicals, which results in compounds with reduced reactivity. Apart from this, it has the capacity to regenerate the reduced forms of other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, recreating their potential antioxidant. It participates in the energy metabolism of amino acids, and play a great role in the course of cell respiration. It has a positive effect on the insulin-glucose economy, and increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

Grape seed extract – it contains a huge amount of healing polyphenols with strong antioxidant potential. Scientists have discovered in the seeds of grapes a content of health-promoting flavonoids and resveratrol. These compounds are characterized by their antioxidant property, and thus it enters the bloodstream, prevent the oxidation of LDL ie. bad cholesterol, thereby preventing atherosclerosis. Polyphenols reduce the level of free radicals in the body, thus helping prevent aging of the organism.

In summary, Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid is a preparation recommended to athletes and active people, who are exposed to an overload of motor organs, as well as to elderly people struggling with connective tissue diseases. It supports regeneration of joints and tendons, as well as the condition of hair, skin and nails, so it is a valuable support of feminine beauty.

Directions for use
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Container size: 60 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 60
per 1 capsuleamount%RDA
Hyaluronic Acid (from Sodium Hyaluronate)100 mg
L-Proline100 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid50 mg
Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) (Standardized for Polyphenols)25 mg

Other ingrednients

Cellulose (capsule), Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source) and Silica.

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Hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) is a glycosaminoglycan, which do not form covalent bonds with proteins and does not contain sulfate groups. Creates so called proteoglycans aggregates absorbing water and which are responsible for the resistance of cartilage. It is one of the components responsible for the intra-articular fluid viscosity. It takes part in the regeneration of skin tissue. It is synthesized in the body providing a full daily demand. Supplementation applies to athletes exposed to overload of the locomotor system. It is a component of preparations supporting the regeneration of joints and tendons and cosmetics supporting the condition of hair, skin and nails.




Sodium is an important component of the intracellular fluids, and is a regulator of acid-base balance. Along with potassium affects the proper of growth and provides the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. The source of acquisition is table salt (NaCl) and bladderwrack, shellfish, bacon, beef, and of plant beets and carrots. People on salt-free diet should avoid, among others, spicy sauces and smoked meats and sausages.
Sodium deficiency is very rare, at heaving sweating after a long effort (e.g. in the marathon).
Excess sodium increases blood pressure (especially for the elderly), edema and increased thirst. Exceeding the daily dose of 14g a day can cause poisoning.




Proline - endogenous amino acid, one of the 22 amino acids building proteins. As a result of the conversion (carried out with the participation of vitamin C) in the form of hydroxy-proline, it is the ingredient of collagen ( basic protein of connective tissue). Influences positively the locomotor system especially in people exposed to an overload (e.g. strength and endurance sports athletes) and during rehabilitation after injury or surgery of locomotor system organs. It is naturally occurring in food, or is synthesized in the body from glutamate. In the dietary supplementation it is a component of high-protein nutrients, amino acid products (in the form of proline or hydroxy-proline), and supporting the functioning of the locomotor system that contains collagen available at
Dosage: No standards for use. Dosage as customarily in supplementation

Grape seed extract


Grape seed extract is a valuable source of active ingredients: flavonoids, fatty acids, proanthocyanidins and vitamin E, an antioxidant, binding free radicals, anti-inflammatory and anti-aggregating. It is a component of a pro-health supplements enhancing preventive treatment of the circulatory system diseases. Available in the form of mono-preparation supplements or as a component of nutritional supplements (creatine stacks and nitrogen boosters), vitamin, herbal detoxificating.
Dosage: 50-100 mg per day.


Vitis vinifera


Vitis vinifera (grape vine), a rich source of active substances. Food and medicinal raw material are the leaves (Folium Vitis veniferae) and fruit (Fructus Vitis veniferae). The leaves are a source of obtaining anthocyanins, flavonoids (quercetin), tannins, pectin, triterpenes and vitamins. The fruits have sugars, cellulose, enzymes, flavonoids, tannins, organic acids, pectins, minerals (cobalt, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron), vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, B12 and PP, M [Folic Acid] ). Preparations from the leaves of grape are diuretics, detoxifying, anti-bleeding and anticoagulation, accelerate healing of ulcers and wounds). Decoctions of the leaves are used topically for bathing skin, wounds. Fruits, in addition to the nutritional properties (when consumed fresh) have a strengthening effect, a diuretic, affect the lipid level, regulate blood pressure, hematopoetic, anti-anaemia, affect the acid-base balance. The dried fruit (raisins) are nourishing and slightly laxative. Wines produced from the vine, both white (a diuretic and is used in diseases of the kidneys), and red (used to treat diseases of the digestive tract). Grape wine eliminates E. coli and vibrio cholerae. In the supplementation leaves are used less frequently than the fruit skin and seeds of grapes (which are the source of powerful antioxidants, including resveratrol). Extract of Vitis vinifera is a component of dietary supplements with variety of applications, available at the

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