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Sensoril Patented Anti-Stress Nutraceutical 125mg Sensoril Patented Anti-Stress Nutraceutical 125mg 120 caps.
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Sensoril Patented Anti-Stress Nutraceutical 125mg 120 caps.

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  • The best proportion of active ingredients
  • The most appreciated adaptogen
  • High content of withanolides
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Improves mood and calms
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Supports the body's resistance
  • Effectively reduces the level of cortisol
  • Increases muscle mass and strength

Swanson Sensoril Patented Anti-Stress Nutraceutical is a dietary supplement containing the highest quality and patented extract of Ashwagandha Sensoril, standardized on the content of minimum 8% coupled glycosides withanolides, and 32% of the oligosaccharides. This is the most balanced ratio of active ingredients contained in the extract, which distinguishes this product from others ineffective preparations.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – it is one of the most popular herbs used in ayurveda and traditional Eastern medicine. This plant is called Indian ginseng, due to its similar adaptogenic properties, ie. increasing the body's resistance to stress factors, mood stabilizing and regulating the functioning of the immune system. It includes a plurality of active substances, including withanolides, which  are pharmacologically active compounds – they have a calming, anti-cancer, cytotoxic and lowering blood pressure properties.

Ashwagandha is widely used as a sedative, calming and bringing healthy sleep preparation. It allows the body to adapt to stress factors, so that it returns to homeostasis, despite the impact of stressors. It restores a dysregulated body to work properly, despite a poor diet, lack of sleep, or physical or mental fatigue.

Ashwagandha improves the body's resistance:
Performed haematological and serological tests have confirmed the immunomodulatory properties of Ashwagandha, which improves the functioning of the immune system. It enhances phagocytosis (absorption and digestion of pathogenic microorganisms and tissue breakdown products), and the activity of macrophages (special cells capable of phagocytosis), and stimulates the activity of cytotoxic lymphocytes Tc, which thanks to the presence of a specific cell receptors recognize the foreign antigen on the surface and destroy them.

Ashwagandha improves blood parameters:
Ashwagandha improves blood parameters in a multi-directional way, both through better morphology results, lowering glucose levels, and the improvement of a lipid profile. As an excellent source of iron, it increases a hemoglobin level, not forgetting about erythrocytes and leukocytes. Thanks to this feature, it prevents anemia and ischemia.

By raising the level of nitric oxide synthase, it increases the concentration of NO in the body, expanding the blood vessels. This allows to get more blood to the tissues, ventilating and nourishing cells. This leads to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, and the efficient delivery of energy substrates. Thanks to the above properties, Ashwagandha supports the functioning of brain cells and skeletal muscles.

By lowering the level of blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, and raising a HDL level, it acts anti-diabetes, prevents insulin resistance, atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary disease.

Ashwagandha improves mood:
Ashwagandha is widely appreciated primarily for its action to improve mood, and anti-stress, anxiolytics, antidepressants properties, improving adaptation to the environment, increasing self-confidence, extroversion and openness to new experiences.

It owes its properties the ability to sensitize serotonin (5-HT), whereby the same amount of serotonin, by binding to a specific receptor, is more powerful and more efficien, ie. increases the frequency of nerve impulses on serotonergic pathways.

The use of ashwagandha in psychiatric disorders:
Numerous studies, experiments and practice confirm the anxiolytic (calming) and the antidepressant effect of extracts from Ashwagandha, while there were no side effects and toxicity.

In one study there was used an alcoholic extract in patients suffering from anxiety neurosis. At the end of the month, most of the most unpleasant symptoms disappeared, such as anxiety and social phobias. Further experiments confirmed its usefulness in the case of manic-depressive psychosis and schizophrenia alcohol.

Ashwagandha has a beneficial effect on a hormonal profile:
Withanolides from the extract of Ashwagandha are structurally very similar to the endogenous hormones including testosterone, estrogen, androstenedione and DHEA, allowing them to work actively in the endocrine system.

One of the scientific experiments proved that supplementation with 5 g of powdered root of Ashwagandha for 6 months resulted in an increase in a testosterone level of 114-140% in men with fertility problems.

Another research demonstrated an increased testosterone level in the range 10-22%, while the reduction of catabolic cortisol (a stress hormone) by an average of 48%, which also gives an extremely positive effect, because (as it is known) the ratio of cortisol and testosterone is responsible for the aesthetic, muscular silhouette and physical strength.

Other studies confirm the positive effect of Ashwagandha’s root on the hormonal system by:
- increasing the level of testosterone and DHEA
- absolute decline in a cortisol level (lots of studies confirm this)
- counteracting adrenal disease, ie. Cushing's syndrome
- suppressing the symptoms of chronic stress
- activation of anabolic processes in bone, preventing osteoporosis

Ashwagandha supports the ability to physical effort, and work on the silhouette:
So far, several scientific experiments on the impact of supplementation with Ashwagandha on exercise parameters, and aesthetics of the silhouette in athletes and ordinary people.

Administration of 500 mg of extract of Ashwagandha for 8 weeks resulted in a 7,6% improvement in muscle strength, and a 6,6% increase in aerobic capacity in the case of physically inactive young people of both sexes.

Another experiment on 18 young volunteers (18-30 years old) after 30 days of supplementation, resulted in an increase in muscle strength by 6%, an increase in muscle mass by 1,8 kg, and in concomitant loss of body fat of 2,3%.

Conclusion: Ashwagandha increases strength and muscle mass, improves aerobic capacity, and helps to reduce excessive body fat.

Other properties:
- partially restores the loss of pigments in the hair and prevents graying
- stimulates the activity of the thyroid gland, preventing hypothyroidism

Swanson Sensoril Anti-Stress Nutraceutical is a dietary supplement recommended especially to people living in constant stress, overworked, tired, having trouble with sleeping, and well-being. Due to its certain pro-health characteristics, it is used to support the cardiovascular and immune system, and to improve the thyroid gland, lipid profile and blood parameters.

It is especially recommended to athletes, because it improves strength and endurance parameters, and supports the work on the aesthetics of the silhouette.

Directions for use
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Container size: 120 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 120
per 1 capsuleamount%RDA
Sensoril® Withania somnifera (minimum 8% withanolide glycoside conjugates and 32% oligosaccharides) (fresh roots and leaves)125 mg-

Other ingrednients

Capsule (gelatin), Bulking agent (Microcrystalline cellulose), Anti-caking agent (Magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide), Coloring agent (Titanium dioxide).

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Sensoril® is an ashwagandha extract (Withania somnifera), patented by Natron Inc. For the production of the extract, a mixture of roots and leaves of the plant is used to obtain a diverse and broad biochemical profile. The technological process itself includes only aqueous extraction and occurs without the use of alcohol or chemical solvents. Sensoril® is standardized for the content of three main groups of ingredients: withanolide glycosides, oligosaccharides and withaferin A.

More than 10 clinical trials have been conducted on humans to confirm the safety and beneficial effects of Sensoril® on mental performance, psychological well-being and physical strength. It has been proven, among others, that Sensoril® shows an anti-stress effect, it may raise energy levels, it favors better mood, adds vitality and reduces fatigue. In addition, it improves psychomotor skills, shortens reaction time and sharpens the senses. It also has pro-health properties – helping to regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

On the market, there are plenty of mono-preparations with Sensoril®. Nevertheless, it also occurs as an additive to other compounds – it can be found in nootropic blends and formulas supporting the fight against stress.

Dosage: no standards for unit consumption.

The patent owner declares that the positive effects can be noticed already at a 125-mg dose a day.

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