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Tri-Mag B6 Tri-Mag B6 30 tab.
1.89 $

Tri-Mag B6 30 tab.

From 3 units only: 1.85 $ / Units. -2%

Shipping weight: 149g
1.89 $With VAT
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  • As many as 3 highly absorbable forms of magnesium!
  • Helps regulate neurotransmitter levels
  • Helps maintain normal nervous system function
  • Reduces stress symptoms and fatigue
  • Helps maintain cellular energy balance
  • Prevents excessive muscle cramps
  • Relieves migraine and PMS symptoms
  • Promotes cognitive functions
  • Improves sleep quality

Olimp Tri-Mag B6 is a top-quality supplement with 3 different sources of magnesium which vary in their absorption rate. The complex is also enriched with vitamin B6. The formulation has a beneficial impact on musculoskeletal system, helps maintain healthy electrolyte balance and supports the nervous system. As a result, it contributes to improving cognitive functions and reducing fatigue.

Magnesium, used there in three forms – magnesium carbonate, lactate and malate, is one of the most important extracellular cations for maintaining healthy muscle functions. Its deficiency is manifested in painful cramps. In addition, magnesium helps maintain cellular energy balance, regulates your mood and stimulates cognitive processes.

Vitamin B6 – a compound which mainly acts on the nervous and endocrine system. Its deficiency may result in serious mood disorders, insomnia and memory problems.

Excessive cramps aren’t a problem
Physically active individuals often struggle with painful calf cramps. They occur especially at night, disrupting your natural process of regeneration, and you may also get them during prolonged exercise as a signal for you to stop. This is when magnesium supplementation comes in handy, which has been proven effective in numerous studies.

The process of muscle contraction requires calcium cations. They are needed to release the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and are also involved in the sliding of myofilaments, thereby leading to muscle shortening. However, too high calcium levels may enourmously increase the frequency of this phenomenon which causes long, painful cramps.

Magnesium, as an antagonist of calcium, blocks its activity in the neuromuscular junction, disrupting the whole process. Because of that, incorporating magnesium-rich products into your diet may effectively reduce these symptoms.

Strong support for central nervous system function
In recent years, the approach of science and dietetics to supplementation of certain bioactive compounds has changed significantly. The central effects of substances on cognitive functions and neurotransmitter systems are being studied more and more frequently. We are forced to do more to keep the CNS healthy due to our current lifestyle, which is overloaded with stimuli that may disturb balance in this system.

Substantial stress levels, immense social pressure, lack of family support and unhealthy diet are just some of the factors which may contribute to the incidence of depression. Vitamin B6 has been shown to be one of the substances whose deficiency leads to serious mood disorders. It boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine – neurotransmitters responsible for the sensation of pleasure. What is more, it shows quite similar synergistic effects with magnesium which modulates the function of glutamatergic NMDA receptors.

When you take a closer look at the role of magnesium in the central nervous system, you can have a feeling that its benefits are underestimated. It can be used by persons who have sleep difficulties, especially with NREM activity, when the body is in deep sleep. It turns out that supplementing with this element contributes to a considerable decrease in cortisol levels during sleep, thereby improving its quality by reducing the frequency of awakenings.

In addition, it has been shown that magnesium combined with pyridoxine chloride, which improves magnesium bioavailability, modulates the activity of glutamate receptors in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus – structures responsible for memory processes. Adding these compounds to an elderly diet may significantly improve cognitive functions and delay the onset of dementia.

Women often suffer from migraines, irritability, anxiety and stress, associated with premenstrual syndrome. It is hard to believe, but just small changes in a diet and adding magnesium products and supplement to your dietary regimen significantly improve the quality of life of women affected by these symptoms.

Other effects
It is worth noting that the supplement has other biological effects because it contains microelements which increase the availability of metabolic energy for muscle cells. Vitamin B6 has a key role in the release of glucose from muscle glycogen. It may be metabolised via glycolytic pathway in which magnesium cation controls one of the reactions. This leads to the formation of the high-energy ATP which is used for the process of muscle contraction. Supplementation with these compounds in athletes helps significantly improve strength performance.

In addition, pyridoxine chloride aids in the maintenance of hormonal balance. Its high doses have been demonstrated to release the hormone-receptor complex from DNA binding. This happens to androgens, oestrogens and cortisol. This contributes to increasing the sensititivity of cells and their biological response to small doses of these hormones. What is more, vitamin B6 is supplemented by bodybuilders taking performance-enhancing drugs to reduce levels of prolactin whose secretion is regulated by dopamine.

To sum up, Olimp Tri-Mag B6 is a supplement with a high dose of magnesium and vitamin B6, designed for physically active individuals who want to support musculoskeletal function and those willing to promote cognitive functions and central nervous system function.

Directions for use
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Container size: 30 tabletsServing size: 1 tabletServings per container: 30
per 1 tabletamount%DV
Magnesium (magnesium carbonate, magnesium lactate, magnesium malate)130 mg35%
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)1.4 mg100%

Other ingrednients

Microcrystalline cellulose, crosslinked sodium carboxymethylcellulose - fillers, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide - anti-caking agents.

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Magnesium (element from the group of alkaline earth metals, atomic no. 12, a chemical symbol - Mg), one of the most important health microelements, participates in the synthesis process of the disintegration of high energy compounds and processes of transformation of hydrocarbons and fats. It affects the dilation of blood vessels and lower blood pressure, prevents hypercoagulable state. Shortages affect cardiac arrhythmias, malignant muscle cramps, insomnia and anxiety. It is a component of many dietary supplements and found in foods such as whole grain bread, legumes, buckwheat, rice, fish, meat, as well as chocolate, cocoa and nuts.
Dosage of 100 - 500 mg / day

Magnesium carbonate


What is magnesium carbonate?

Magnesium carbonate is an inorganic magnesium salt of carbonic acid. It demonstrates the properties neutralizing gastric acid.

Magnesium is one of the most deficient elements of a classic diet, therefore supplements with magnesium are incredibly popular. Deficiencies of this mineral mainly may result in hypertension, lower sensitivity to insulin and psychological symptoms, such as increased stress, irritability, fatigue and weariness.

This element also takes part in regulating water balance in the organism and nerve transmission. It influences muscle work, which may be observed in characteristic cramps related to magnesium deficiency. It is also known for its anti-stress and sedative properties, thanks to which it is willingly used before sleep and in the situations characterized with high psychological burden. It is also important for mineral density of bones, as right next to calcium, it is one of the most important elements for maintaining strong and healthy bones. 

Magnesium malate


Magnesium malate - a form of magnesium which is well-absorbed in the human organism, from which we may derive additional benefits thanks to the presence of malic acid residue. It is engaged in the transformations aiming at energy extraction in the organism, thanks to which supplementation with malate may positively influence energy metabolism.

Another advantage of magnesium malate distinguishing this form among other numerous forms of this element is its ability to bind and neutralize toxic heavy metals. It may be an antidote for their aggregation in the organism, demonstrating neuroprotective effect.

Taking care of the proper magnesium supply is important due to the health of the cardiovascular system. Its insufficient amounts in diet may cause the increase of pressure and disorders of the rhythm of the heart work. Researchers indicate the correlation between magnesium deficiencies and increased risk of heart attack. Because of the health of the circulatory system, the positive influence of magnesium on lipid profile is also important.

Moreover, magnesium is an important element to maintain optimal sugar metabolism. Benefits from its supplementation will be also noticed by people dealing with diabetes, as it was proven that it may limit the development of diabetic polyneuropathy.

Proper supply of magnesium is important also due to the endurance of bone tissue in the organism. Magnesium belongs to the group of elements that build and strengthen the structure of bones.

When talking about magnesium activity, we must not forget about its positive influence on the functions of the nervous system. It is conducive to proper nervous transmission and neuromotor coordination.

Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine) is soluble in the liquid. It participates in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By reducing the amount of fat in the blood do not enable deposition of the body. It helps the absorption of magnesium and vitamin B12 (cobalamin). It works on the muscle antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory pain in the joints. It acts anti. It provides efficient operation of the brain. It increases energy increasing vigor of a man. The demand for vitamin B6 increases during pregnancy and breast-feeding infants. The natural product is: yeast, eggs, wheat germ, meat (liver), wheat bran, nuts, peanuts peanuts, soybeans. There is a hypothesis that can be synthesized by intestinal bacteria.
Deficiency of vitamin B6 causes abnormal metabolism of proteins, decrease in lymphocytes in the blood, causes a feeling of lethargy and fatigue intensifies.
Dosage: 1.5-2.5 mg daily (increased demand during pregnancy and lactation).


Pyridoxine hydrochloride


What is pyridoxine hydrochloride?

Pyridoxine hydrochloride is a basic, the most commonly used form of vitamin B6 in supplements and fortified foods. It is a vitamin soluble in water. It converts to the active form of the vitamin - pyridoxal phosphate.

Vitamin B6 is a cofactor in many enzymatic reactions. It takes part in the production of many neurotransmitters, such as GABA, serotonin and catecholamines and it takes part in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids. It is an important factor for the process of the creation of red cells and hemoglobin and its deficit may be one of the factors causing anemia. This vitamin contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism and is important for maintaining well-being and good psychological condition. Its presence supports the breakdown of pro-inflammatory homocysteine to cysteine and further metabolites, thanks to which it may decrease the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiological incidents.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride may be found in many vitamin B complexes and vitamin-mineral preparations available in the offer of

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