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Choline Bitartrate Choline Bitartrate 250g
26.49 $

Choline Bitartrate 250g

Servings: 250g
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Choline 300g
Choline 300g
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  • Facilitates learning and information assimilation
  • Helps to prevent atherosclerosis and blood clots
  • Participates in acetylcholine production
  • Supports the liver in detoxification
  • Increases exercise capacity
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Slows down brain aging

Primaforce Choline Bitartrate is a preparation containing choline bitartrate. Numerous tests have confirmed its efficacy in improving cognitive processes and sports results. It is particularly recommended for people struggling with problems with concentration as well as those whose diet lacks whole grain products.

Choline bitartrate is a compound of choline with tartaric acid. Such a form can undergo many reactions in the human body and exert a positive effect on many aspects of health, including fat breakdown, exercise capacity, or, to put it shortly, the right functioning of cells. As a result of those reactions, the compound is broken down and choline becomes available.

Choline is an active water-soluble compound. It is considered to be a vitamin-like substance; it used to be viewed as one of B vitamins and is still sometimes called vitamin B4. The liver is capable of producing some amounts of choline but in order to satisfy the demand for the substance, it is necessary to deliver it with food. The richest sources of choline are whole grain products, legumes, and some nuts. That is why choline bitartrate supplementation is particularly recommended for individuals whose diet lacks those products.

Choline in the nervous system
An important property of choline is that it is transformed into acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter with a crucial role in the human body. It enables the flow of data between neurons, which means that is takes part in memory processes, concentration, and reacting to stimuli. Without it, it would be impossible to learn, assimilate knowledge, remember patterns, and repeat automatized solutions to problems. One of the most probable hypotheses regarding the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is based on the assumption that neuron degradation connected with the disease progresses as a result of a fading ability to produce and manage choline. Such problems progress with age, and the most commonly used treatment to prevent Azheimer’s disease consists in maintaining high levels of choline in patients and reducing the levels of enzymes that break down acetylcholine.

Age-related neuron degradation does not concern Alzheimer’s disease only. In every person, the process happens at the body’s own pace, and maintaining proper choline levels helps to keep the brain young for longer. According to research, the best results of the administration of large doses of choline can be observed in none other but middle-aged individuals and seniors.

Liver damage prevention
Choline is one of the elements responsible for preventing the deposition of fat and cholesterol in the liver. It also helps to protect it from the damaging effects of alcohol, drugs, other toxins, and viruses. Thanks to that, it improves the process of detoxification and bile production. Many studies confirm the effectiveness of choline at preventing liver diseases.

Effect on physical activity
Many athletes highlight the positive effect of choline on their sports results. By amplifying the activity of neurotransmitters and facilitating the production of L-carnitine, choline supports the reaction of the muscles to strain and, additionally, it helps to maximise the potential of cell mitochondria. It is also worth mentioning that it accelerates the production of beta-endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Those properties of choline allow to exercise more intensively and for longer.

Choline also enhances recovery after workout by supporting the process of cellular respiration and helping to fall asleep. Apart from that, lactic and pyruvic acids, which are formed during workout, lead to acetylcholine breakdown, so supplementing its precursor, choline, is of great help in restoring resources used up during training. Long-term supplementation with the component combined with proper workout can visibly improve muscle capacity and endurance in a short time.

Fat burning
Choline can also make fat burning during training much easier. That is because it accelerates the process of cellular respiration and promotes the use of adipose tissue as a source of energy. In that case, glycogen and amino acid reserves stay deposited, while fats serve to maintain high muscle activity. Thanks to that, it is also possible to extend your training sessions.

The circulatory system
When it comes to blood vessels, choline also has a number of beneficial properties. First of all, numerous studies have proven that its proper concentration helps to normalise blood pressure and reduce the levels of homocysteine, which is one of the factors contributing to the development of atherosclerosis. Moreover, choline helps to break down harmful cholesterol and remove it from tissues. By preventing blood platelets from sticking to blood vessel walls, it helps to prevent blood clots and, in turn, strokes and heart attacks.

In summary, Primaforce Choline Bitartrate is a dietary supplement recommended for athletes and individuals who do a lot of intensive intellectual work. Thanks to their properties, it allows better results in strength, speed and endurance sports and may accelerate fat burning. The preparation also supports proper brain function in the process of learning and facilitates concentration. Apart from that, it exhibits a number of health-promoting properties connected with the functioning of the liver and the circulatory system.

Directions for use
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Container size: 250 gServing size: 1 g (one scoop)Servings per container: 250
per portion (1 g)amount%DV
Choline Bitartrate1000 mg-

Other ingrednients

Silicon Dioxide

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Choline Bitartrate


Choline bitartrate a combination of one molecule of tartaric acid and choline, and in this embodiment is a precursor of acetylcholine (neurotransmitter). The human body is able to intracellular synthesis of choline, using the amino acid and vitamin B12. Because of the possibility of shortages of the above mentioned substances, it is necessary to supplement them with supplementation. Choline is a component of lecithin, which is the building substance of cells conditioning the proper functioning of the nervous system, and sphingomyelin, acting as an insulator of nerve tissue. Bitartrate affects the course of fat metabolism. In the sports supplementation of choline, bitartrate is used in the stimulating supplements,, affecting concentration and programs of weight control (fat reduction).
Dosage: 1-3 grams per day.


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