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Agmatine Agmatine 75g
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Agmatine 75g

Servings: 75g
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  • Neuromodulating arginine metabolite
  • Amazing muscle pump
  • Help in the fight with addictions
  • Restores sensitivity to stimulants
  • Has antidepressant effect
  • Decreases neuropathic pain
  • Supports cognitive functions
  • Modulates the production of nitric oxide
  • Has neuroprotective effect

GAT Agmatine is a powdered dietary supplement containing agmatine sulfate in the pure form. Thanks to increasing the concentration of nitric oxide in blood vessels, it contributes to efficient blood supply to muscles. It demonstrated a wide spectrum of effects on the nervous system and positively influences the activity of other substances.

Agmatine – an arginine metabolite produced thanks to decarboxylation. It is called a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator. It enjoys popularity in the world of fitness due to its influence on nitric oxide and support of the blood flow to muscles. Other, flag tasks of agmatine are antidepressant effect and support of the fight with addictions.

The influence on nitric oxide
This gaseous hormone is loved by bodybuilders thanks to widening the lumen of blood vessels and causing stronger “muscle pump”. Due to its influence on NO, agmatine enjoys huge popularity as a pre-workout supplement, both on its own and as a part of more complex stacks.

Nitric oxide is produced with the help of nitric oxide synthase (NOS), out of which we may differentiate 3 forms: eNOS, iNOS and nNOS, which produce NO in various tissues. Modulating effect of agmatine consists in the stimulation of eNOS, i.e. the active form in blood vessels and inhibiting the two remaining forms, which in excess could cause unbeneficial effect.

Due to the inhibition of neuronal synthase of nitric oxide, agmatine exhibits the synergy with opioid analgesics, thanks to which in chronic states of pain, there is no need to frequently increase the dose of these incredibly invasive drugs.

Addictions and sensitivity to stimulants
The property of agmatine to inhibit NMDA receptors of the glutaminergic system also provides interesting results. This mechanism is used in the therapies of various addictions. The treatments used in the therapies of addictions to such drugs as cocaine or amphetamine are sometimes also used as a method to sensitize the nervous system to the stimulating effect of other drugs, including caffeine and other adrenergic substances, contained among others in pre-workouts. NMDA inhibitors are characterized by high effectiveness in such situations.

Apart from stimulants, NMDA inhibitors also help people who abuse alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates and opioids. It was proven that the effect of NMDA consisting in “learning” of the brain, i.e. supporting neuroplasticity, contributes to building tolerance and this tolerance is based on the downregulation of the systems, which are excessively activated by the effect of drugs or medicines. Blocking this mechanism makes brain react slower to the stimuli that cause tolerance growth.

Reduction of depression symptoms
Positive effects in case of depression stem, among others, from blocking calcium channels, thanks to which, glutamate, a neurotransmitter that stimulates brain works less effectively. Thanks to this, it is possible to experience calm more effectively as well as reduce irritability and hyperactivity. Another positive effect on well-being is the activation of imidazoline receptors, which may be reflected in higher secretion of beta-endorphins, known for their euphoric influence on mood. The intensification of serotoninergic transmission is also significant and as widely known, serotonin is one of the main molecules responsible for experiencing happiness.

The mechanism of activity of some antidepressants consists in the activation of alpha-adrenergic receptors, which influence the increase of their activity. Agmatine, in smaller doses, has the ability to intensify the transmission of this system, which may be an interesting option during the day, however in higher doses it is a competitive inhibitor of these receptors, which may be helpful in the evenings.

Agmatine, in higher concentrations, may also gently block the effect of monoamine oxidase type A, which is reflected in higher concentration of monoamines in the brain, especially serotonin and dopamine. For example, moclobemide is characterized by such an effect, which is widely used in depression or social phobia.

GAT Agmatine is recommended to people who want to increase muscle blood supply during training, but also to those who would like to support the functioning of the nervous system. It is incredibly helpful in the fight with various addictions or during the process of abstinence from stimulants, as it may accelerate restoring sensitivity. The effect improving mood makes agmatine an attractive choice for people dealing with depression. 

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Container size: 75 gServing size: 1 Scoop (750 mg)Servings per container: 100
per portion (750 mg)amount%DV
Agmatine Sulfate Powder750 mg*

Other ingrednients

100% Agmatine Sulfate
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Agmatine sulfate


Agmatine sulfate is a compound of agmatine, and hence the substance resulting from the processing of arginine.
It meets the body's range of functions, including increases levels of nitric oxide responsible for vasodilation and thus improves blood circulation. It stimulates the release of growth hormone and testosterone. It increases the amount of nutrients delivered to the muscles, and normalizes blood glucose levels, thereby mimicking the operation characteristic of insulin; improves the functioning of the central nervous system; fights free radicals; reduces depot body fat, and also affects the metabolism of calcium, thus providing a better functioning of the heart, brain and muscles.
Dosage: 500-1500 mg, the best half an hour before training.

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