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Agmatine Agmatine 60 kaps.
Olympian Labs
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Agmatine 60 kaps.

Shipping weight: 200g
No gluten

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Agmatine 120 caps.
Agmatine 120 caps.
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  • Effective 500-milligram dose of agmatine sulphate per portion
  • Exhibits outstanding antidepressant properties
  • Restores sensitivity to stimulants
  • Enhances exercise capacity
  • Supports circulatory system
  • Reduces pain intensity

Olympian Labs Agmatine Sulfate is a dietary supplement that provides the organism with agmatine sulphate, an arginine derivative that serves as a signalling molecule in the body. Only negligible, practically insignificant amounts of it can be found in food, which means that in order to benefit from its activity, it must be supplemented from external sources. Additionally, because of its chemical structure, the native form of agmatine is assimilable only to a very small extent, while the form of its sulphate used in this product eliminates the problem.

Agmatine exhibits the following properties:
It has a wide range of effects on the nervous systemagmatine has started being considered to be a neurotransmitter only recently; however, many connections have been already found with other transmitters (so many that agmatine is now viewed as a neuromodulator):

It increases endorphin secretion – because of quite significant affinity to the imidazoline receptor, it works as its activator. A greater amount of endorphins in the circulatory system has an analgesic effect and improves overall well-being. It also reduces blood pressure and enhances glucose metabolism in the organism. More glucose is absorbed by skeletal muscles, which additionally helps to increase their energy management.

It regulates catecholamine levelsagmatine exhibits high affinity to alpha-2A-adrenergic receptors, which lets it regulate the level of catecholamines, mainly adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine.

It exhibits neuroprotective propertiesagmatine binds with the NMDA receptor, blocking the negative process of excitotoxicity by limiting the signalling of harmful molecules (glutamate and NMDA). It has also been demonstrated to protect the brain from the toxins that have a negative effect on memory (the effect has been tested against the consequences of the activity of beta-amyloid, MPTP, and scopolamine).

It supports serotonin circulation in the nervous system – it improves serotonin signalling between neurotransmitter receptors. At the same time, it works in synergy with serotonin-increasing substances.

It exhibits analgesic properties – research shows that agmatine reduces the intensity of pain, mainly that induced by inflammation and neuropathy. A positive synergy has also been demonstrated between agmatine and cannabinergic analgesics, whose efficacy increased even 3-4 times when used with agmatine.

It facilitates the process of substance withdrawal treatment – it has been demonstrated that agmatine can be a useful aid in addiction therapy. By modulating alpha-2A-adrenergic receptors in antinicotinic therapy, it reduces the craving for nicotine, an in the case of anti-alcohol therapy, it reduced the symptoms of substance withdrawal through its activity antagonist to NMDA receptors.

It increases sensitivity to stimulants – its binding with NMDA receptors can also help to sensitise the organism to the activity of stimulants. Stimulants often increase the activity of the receptors, and their excessive use can increase the dosage needed to activate them (in other words, they reduce their sensitivity). Partially blocking NMDA receptors can, therefore, increase their sensitivity after regular supplementation.

It protects from strokes and ischaemia – the activity has been demonstrated mainly by regulating the enzymes connected with nitrogen metabolism in the organism. Agmatine reduces the activity of the enzyme that causes the overproduction of nitric oxide, which can lead to a stroke (iNOS), and exhibits protective properties regarding the enzyme eNOS, which reduces the risk by dilating blood vessels (vasodilation). It also reduces the risk of cell degradation caused by ischaemia or limited oxygen supply (by increasing the activity of NF-kB).

It prevents stress and depression – the systemic concentration of agmatine is believed to be connected with the sensation of anxiety. Increasing its concentration with moderate doses (according to research, the dosage of 10 mg per kilogram of body weight is already effective, while the dosage of 80-100 mg/kg increases anxiety) exhibits great anxiolytic and antidepressant properties.

It has a positive effect on cognitive functions – research demonstrates that agmatine can affect the formation of memory: during tasks connected with remembering, its increased flow was observed in the parts of the brain responsible for memory. It also increases the activity of cAMP, that is one of the most important neurotransmitters, in the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for some cognitive functions.

It can prevent epileptic episodes – epileptic seizures are preceded by excessive signalling of nitric oxide. Agmatine reduces the amount of nitric oxide in the process, that way reducing the risk of a seizure.

It reduces the neurological symptoms of aging – with age, the organism develops dysfunctions in the functioning of the nitrogen-dependent system, mainly in terms of increased activity of the NOS enzymes in the prefrontal cortex. The administration of agmatine reduced the consequences of controlled nerve cell aging, which can serve as evidence of its factual ability to delay the occurrence of cognitive function deterioration as the body ages.

It enhances the functioning of the circulatory systemagmatine induces the synthesis of nitric oxide, mainly by affecting the alpha-2A-adrenergic receptors. Please note that research reports that its receptor-activating potential is a hundred times (!) greater than that of arginine and citrulline. It has also been demonstrated to reduce internal bleeding by modulating blood pressure.

It has a positive effect on the functioning of other organs in the organismagmatine exerts a positive effect on other processes in the organism, including:

Vision – it protects retinal ganglion cells from degeneration;

Gastroprotective processes – it exhibits alkalising properties, thanks to which it reduces the risk of gastric acid damaging parietal cells in the stomach. It also reduces the risk of gastric ischaemia;

The functioning of the kidneys – it increases the intensiveness of kidney filtration, which is the process that protects the kidneys from the excessive deposition of harmful substances.

To sum up, Olympian Labs Agmatine Sulfate is an excellent choice for people whose main goal is to support their nervous systems. Agmatine has a wide range of positive effects on neurological functions. Additionally, it supports the circulatory system and overall health of the organism. The highly assimilable form of agmatine and the reputation of the producer are undoubtedly additional advantages of the preparation.

Directions for use
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Container size: 60 capsulesServing size: 2 capsulesServings per container: 30
per 2 capsulesamount%DV
Agmatine Sulfate 500 mg

Other ingrednients

Vegetarian capsule (HPMC), ascorbyl palmitate, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, rice flour.

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Agmatine sulfate


Agmatine sulfate is a compound of agmatine, and hence the substance resulting from the processing of arginine.
It meets the body's range of functions, including increases levels of nitric oxide responsible for vasodilation and thus improves blood circulation. It stimulates the release of growth hormone and testosterone. It increases the amount of nutrients delivered to the muscles, and normalizes blood glucose levels, thereby mimicking the operation characteristic of insulin; improves the functioning of the central nervous system; fights free radicals; reduces depot body fat, and also affects the metabolism of calcium, thus providing a better functioning of the heart, brain and muscles.
Dosage: 500-1500 mg, the best half an hour before training.

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