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Zinc Lozenges Zinc Lozenges 100 lozenges
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Zinc Lozenges 100 lozenges

Servings: 100 lozenges
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  • Zinc in the form of easily dissolving lozenges
  • A combination of two highly absorbable forms of zinc
  • Delicious orange-flavored lozenges
  • Shortens the duration of infection and reduces its symptoms
  • Hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Zinc Lozenges is a dietary supplement that contains zinc in two highly bioavailable and easily digestible forms – gluconate and citrate. The preparation is available in the form of tasty lozenges with a pleasant orange flavor. It is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Zinc is a trace element that is essential for the human body. It plays a fundamental role in numerous biological processes in the body, participates in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, as well as is a crucial component or activator of a large group of enzymes. The largest amounts of zinc are deposited in the skin, bones, muscles and brain.

Zinc affects the immune system and plays a vital role in immune processes. It is essential for the proper development and functioning of neutrophils, NK cells, and macrophages. It also affects phagocytosis and the production of cytokines. It helps to maintain the Th1/Th2 balance and thus promotes the regulation of the immune response. It has also been observed that zinc deficiency interferes with the growth and functions of T and B lymphocytes.

Zinc supplementation may shorten the duration of colds and reduce the severity of symptoms. Such conclusions were reached by scientists who analyzed the results of three randomized clinical trials with the participation of 200 people with severe symptoms of a cold. 70% of the patients taking the zinc lozenges (80 to 92 mg daily) recovered within 5 days, whereas in the placebo control group, only 27% of patients got over after the same time. Importantly, to achieve the intended effect, the increase in zinc supply must take place within the first 24 hours from the onset of infection symptoms.

The presented preparation may prove to be more effective than other supplements with zinc. It combines two forms of zinc, which are known for excellent bioavailability. The product is free from fillers and additives that could interfere with the release of zinc ions or reduce the bioavailability of the active ingredient. The product provides as much as 25 mg of zinc in one serving. Finally, it comes in the form of lozenges that work faster than traditional tablets.

To sum up, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Zinc Lozenges is the number one among zinc formulas available on the market. The preparation is especially recommended for people who want to strengthen the immune system and alleviate the infection.

Directions for use
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Container size: 100 lozengesServing size: 1 lozengeServings per container: 100
per 1 lozengeamount%DV
Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate, Zinc Citrate)25 mg 227%

Other ingrednients

Agglomerated Naturally Sweet™, Natural Orange Flavor, Dextrose, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Silica Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.


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Zinc (chemical element from transition group 12) belongs to the trace elements, it helps maintain acid-base balance of the body, protein, energy, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. It provides bone metabolism and transport of oxygen. It protects the body against free radicals. Necessary for the proper operation of the senses of taste and smell. Positive impact on the process of insulin metabolism in the pancreas. It supports visual adaptation to the dark, has a significant influence on brain function. It is helpful in the treatment of infertility and mental illness.
Zinc deficiency leads to decreased immunity, and growth retardation. Zinc deficiency can occur in case of excessive consumption of simple sugars. In the case of hormonal therapy of women with irregular menstruation, the therapy should be associated with increased consumption of zinc. It can be found in food like: beans, eggs, carrots, beef and pork meat, milk, nuts, citrus fruits, seafood, rice, cottage cheese, lettuce.
Dosage: Daily 12-15 mg zinc. Exceeding the daily dose of 20 mg cause symptoms of poisoning of the body.


Zinc gluconate


Zinc gluconate - a highly bioavailable form of zinc, a trace element belonging to the group of essential microelements. Being the component of numerous enzymatic systems in the human organism, it demonstrates considerable influence on its functioning.

It is an important regulator of work of the immune system, it regulates the processes of production and activity of leukocytes. It promotes the efficiency of the immunity barrier of the organism, has direct antibacterial influence, which is taken advantage of in topical application of zinc preparations.

Supplementation with zinc is also used in order to increase the level of testosterone in the organism. It demonstrates an inhibiting influence on the activity of aromatase P450, which transforms the male sex hormone into estrogen. In this way, it has promoting influence on the concentration of the male sex hormone in the organism.

Zinc is also important when it comes to the functions of the nervous system. Its deficiencies decrease the efficiency of cognitive functions, inhibit concentration and may negatively influence emotional states. Some sources suggest that zinc deficiency may be related to depression.

Some drugs from the group of NSAIDs, inducing acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen should not be applied with supplements containing zinc.

Zinc citrate


Zinc citrate - an organic form of zinc with very good assimilability and bioavailability. In one molecule of zinc citrate, zinc ions constitute 34% of the compound’s mass. Therefore, 100 mg of the substance will provide 34 mg of zinc ions. It should be borne in mind when buying dietary supplements, in which only the mass of the whole compound in a portion is provided. Supplementation with zinc in the form of citrate in some people may cause ailments of the digestive system - nausea, appetite drop or stomachache. Zinc in the form of zinc citrate should be best taken between meals, due to the fact that many food products may limit the absorption of this element, especially products rich in phytates, dairy products or fiber.

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