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Diuretics – it is a group of dehydrating preparations whose main goal is to remove the accumulated subcutaneous water from the body. As a result, the body’s look gets improved, swelling disappears, body sculpture becomes toned, and muscles look much better. Often, a reduction in overall body weight may also be observed. An additional benefit is cleansing the body of toxins.

Our offer includes a wide selection of supplements with diuretic activity. Taking care of customer health, we only provide preparations of recognized and respected producers. They were composed with the utmost care, based on natural and safe plant substances, such as extracts from nettle, green tea, dandelion or uva ursi. The preparations usually also contain a package of necessary minerals, so they do not disturb the water and electrolyte balance of the body. All of them are free from aggressive, controversial or prohibited substances in sport.

The preparations available in our store are suitable for both men and women. They are equally well-suited for amateurs as well as for professionals, such as body fitness athletes who are preparing their body towards important competitions. They can also be used by women struggling with the problem of water retention in the second phase of the cycle. All the supplements offered in this category have a beneficial effect on the condition of the genitourinary system.


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Needed Supplements
13.57 €

A complex of 6 herbal extracts for efficient removal of excess water from the body.

Water Pills Out of stock
6.67 €

Natural, herbal supplement facilitating removal of excess water weight from body. Promotes weight reduction.

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Water Out Out of stock
Now Foods
13.57 €

NOW Water Out is a blend of complementary herbs formulated to support healthy urinary tract function

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Water Loss
Water Loss Discontinued
Prime Nutrition

Dietary supplement supporting weight loss. It removes excess water and accelerates muscle sculpting.

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