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Coconut paste with erythritol Coconut paste with erythritol 300g
3.66 €

Coconut paste with erythritol 300g

Shipping weight: 350g
Sugar free
3.66 € With VAT
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  • Delicious coconut paste sweetened with erythritol
  • A perfect addition to desserts and sweet dishes
  • 100% free from sugar and palm oil
  • High in satiating fiber
  • Source of vitamins and trace elements

MZ Coconut paste with erythritol is an excellent dose of healthy sweetness, completely free of sugar and artificial additives, which is an ideal addition to desserts and other sweet dishes.

Healthy nutrition has recently become very popular. Coconut oil with its supposed health-promoting potential is one of the products that fit well into healthy eating. The manufacturer decided to go a step further and created a delicious, highly valuable paste for all those who want to try some extraordinary coconut innovation.

Coconuts are considered a kind of premium product, mainly due to their exotic origin and not very high (albeit increasing) availability. Fans of healthy food probably also appreciate their high content of microelements (potassium, magnesium, iron or copper) and vitamins. Additionally, coconuts are a great raw material for making flakes, oils, and pastes. They are also used to obtain coconut water.

The offered paste is a great alternative to spreads available in shops, both in terms of nutritional value and amazing taste qualities. You should pay attention to the above-mentioned vitamins, microelements, and a large amount of fiber, which undoubtedly increases the level of satiety of the meal consumed with the use of the paste.

The manufacturer also remembered about everyone who, taking care of their health and a good figure, does not want to completely resign from a moment of pleasure. The sweetness of the product is ensured by the addition of erythritol, one of the safest sweeteners that do not affect the energy value. An additional advantage is the complete absence of preservatives and harmful additives, such as sugar or palm oil. Although the paste is a source of potentially unhealthy saturated fatty acids, the majority of them belong to the medium-chain length (MCT) group, which support fat loss and cardiovascular health.

To sum up, MZ Coconut paste with erythritol is an excellent, delicious, and health-promoting product for anyone who is looking for an alternative to spreads offered in stores or is a fan of coconut-based food products.

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