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Mushrooms are an important element of the diet of many people. The taste qualities are not their only advantage. It is worth knowing that over 700 species of fungi with therapeutic properties have been identified in the world. The pro-health potential of mushrooms is so powerful that a special branch of alternative medicine has emerged – the so-called fungotherapy, which involves the treatment with fungi. It has been scientifically proven that specific fungal species provide certain health benefits. What’s more, combining different types of mushrooms may bring even more benefits.

Preparations included in this category have been composed on the basis of various medicinal mushrooms. They have been carefully selected and combined with each other, considering the synergy of action and the dependencies between the various bioactive substances present in mycelium and fruiting bodies. The advanced composition makes these supplements have an extremely wide range of health-promoting properties. They allow for deriving greater benefits than those resulting from the use of mono-preparations based on one specific mushroom species.

Preparations in this category are recommended primarily to people who want to strengthen immunity, improve quality of life and reduce the risk of developing civilization diseases. In clinical trials, it has been proven that medicinal mushrooms have a positive effect on the mental and physical condition, have an adaptogenic effect and promote effective regeneration. They are systematically gaining popularity among people exposed to chronic stress, excessive physical or mental exertion.

By choosing supplements from our offer, you can be sure that they come from recognized producers, are free of toxins and safe for the body

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Peak O2 Out of stock
27.56 $

Six natural adaptogens complex that strongly increase energy efficiency and regeneration.

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Four Sigmatic
18.65 $

The combination of coffee and organic extracts from pro-cognitive and adaptogenic raw materials.

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Four Sigmatic
18.65 $

100% organic arabic coffee enriched with extracts of medicinal mushrooms and Siberian ginseng.

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Cordyceps Complex Out of stock
16.42 $

A complex of cordyceps, reishi and shiitake mushrooms; adaptogenic and anti-stress properties.

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Genius Mushrooms
Genius Mushrooms Discontinued
The Genius Brand
27.56 $

A blend of medicinal fungi. Comprehensive support for the body, and physical and mental health.

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Mushroom Immune Defense
Mushroom Immune Defense Discontinued
Source Naturals
27.56 $

Extracts of 15 fungus species. Dietary supplement supporting the regeneration of the immune system.

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